Unexpected Side Effects

Jim was fighting a cold for the last 3 months. His doctor told him just to rest, drink water, and take some medication for his sore throat. Jim knew his doctor was dumb. "A 3-month sickness doesn't just get healed from resting," Jim thought. "Something more serious is going on."

Jim took the matter into his own hands. Jim went to the pharmacy a found some medication he thought would help his cold. He also found a dropper that claimed to have throat healing effects. Jim bought both, went home and took his medication mixture.

Being home from work, and with nothing else better today, he decided to have a jerk off session.

As Jim sat naked in front of his computer, his dick felt a little funny. He looked down at his flaccid dick and was shocked. "What the fuck? I've never had that vein before," Jim thought as he noticed a new thick, large vein throbbing on the top of his cock. He could feel blood rushing into his dick. "Whoa... what's happening? I haven't even looked at porn yet.."

Within a few seconds, Jim's cock was the hardest he ever felt it has been before. He reached down and grabbed it. "Wow.. it's literally rock hard! Oh fuck.. what's happening?"

Jim could feel more blood rushing into his warm and throbbing cock. Before his own eyes, he was watching it's girth increase.. he could feel the pressure of his expanding pressing against his thumb and palm. "No way! What's happening?!" Just then, he watched as the length started to grow.

Jim's jaw dropped, his dick was growing! His cock started at 5 inches and was growing bigger than a pornstar's size! With every heart pump, his cock throbbed and grew bigger and bigger, thicker and thicker. "Whatttttt is happening!? Fuck it feels so amazing! Is it the medication I just took?"

Jim bent over to grab the dropped bottle he left on his desk, his massive cock touched his lips as he reached. "Holy fuck.. this has to be over 12 inches..." He read the dropper bottle, "Warning, do not mix with other medications. Unexpected side effects have been noted."

Jim smiled, "this sure is helping out with taking my mind off my cold..."

Please note: This story is for fantasy purposes only! Don't EVER mix medication. A medical doctor should always be consulted before trying new medication.

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