The "Ultimate Dick Growing Supplement Stack"

Bored and drunk one night, you found a recipe for what claimed to be the "Ultimate dick growing supplement stack." You were already decently sized, but always wanted to be a little bigger.

"Psh, no way," you thought to yourself. But, as you continued to read, you started to get convinced that maybe it would work. "What's the worst that could happen?" You thought to yourself. You get your shoes and jacket on and walk to your local store. As you're walking, you realize you forgot to put on any boxers. You were free-balling doing the street, and your cock was pretty noticeable in your sweatpants. "Well, at least it's night time and no one is really around," you thought.

You entered the store and walked to the supplement aisle. You check your phone for the list of ingredients and collect everything. You head to the register and are stunned by the amazingly attractive cashier. You've gone to this store many times before but never have seen her before. She was your height and had amazingly straight and soft black hair with pretty green eyes. She had tan skin, and from what you could tell based on her baggy uniform, she had a nice rack.

As you walk up to her, you notice she takes note of your bulge. "Find everything alright?" She asks.

"Yes, thank you!" You answer, confidently. She starts scanning your supplements. You take a peek at her name tag and it reads, "Catie."

You wonder out loud, "your name is 'cat-ee'?"

She continues scanning and answers without looking up, "no, it's like Katie, but with a C." She must get that a lot. She then asks you, "what are you up to this late at night buying all these weird supplements?"

You find the question kind of intrusive, but answer anyway, "I'm working on an experiment."

She holds up on the supplements, "what kind of experiment are you doing with 'Horny Goat Weed'," she asks as her beautiful green eyes squint at you.

You remain calm. "Maybe if you give me your number, I'll show you later," you say, testing your luck.

She looks at the supplement bottle, scans it, and tells you the total, "That'll be $194.85." After you pay, she grabs the receipt, takes her pen from her breast pocket, and writes her number down. "Don't call me, I work until 2 am. Feel free to text me, though," she instructs.

"Thanks Catie, I'll keep you in the loop," you say with a wink. She smiles back.

You make it safely home and you're proud of yourself for getting a hot girl's phone number. "Alright," you think. "Time to see if this actually works."

You pull up the recipe and start following the instructions. It's a little confusing because you have to cut some of the pills in half to match the exact amounts it asks for. After an hour you finally are done. You read the last step, "Drink with plenty of water. Be careful of alcohol use with this stack!"

You take the handful of your dick growth concoction and shove it in your mouth. You use your beer to help sallow the pills. You wait 5 minutes, nothing happens.

"Well that was a waste of time and money," you think to yourself. Might as well just get drunk. You have another beer and remembered that you had Catie's phone number. You text her, "The experiment didn't seem to work."

You were surprised to get a text back within second, "what were you even tryin to do?"

You are drunk, and don't really care when you reply, "I was trying to do a dick growth recipe."

She responds, "LOL what??" You feel slightly embarrassed. She followed up, "Well, you seemed like you already had a nice dick from what I saw... ;)"

You smile. "Wanna see?" You text her.

"Fuck yes I do." She happily responds. You take a picture of your cock and send it.

She responds with a short, "nice." You text her a few more times, but she seems to be ignoring you.

"Damnit... my dick isn't probably as big as she thought," you think to yourself. You stop texting her and have another beer.

About an hour goes by when you start feeling a strange sensation in your lower stomach and groin. It feels warm, almost hot. "What the fuck?" You think to yourself. Your dick was still hanging out from the dick pic you took earlier and you noticed it was getting red. You touch it and it's incredibly warm. "What is going on.." you start to panic.

The next second, you feel a rush of blood in your dick. It was like a wave of blood completely flooded your cock and cock head. It was getting hard. "HOLY SHIT!" You say out loud. You watch as it throbs, and with each throb, it grows harder and thicker. "Shit, it's actually working!"

You grab your growing cock, and you can't believe how thick it feels. You moan, "holy shit this feels amazing!" You look down and are shocked to see that it is not getting LONGER. You put your hand out above the head a few inches, and you watch in pure amazement as you dick's head grows upwards to meet it. "No fucking way!" your eyes are huge staring at your massive member. The intensive growth lasts for 10 minutes. You are in pure ecstasy.

"Let's see what Catie has to say about my cock now!" You think. You snap another picture, send it to her saying, "It worked...."

Seconds later she replies, "FUCK!!!! Now THAT'S what I'm TALKING about baby!" And follows up with, "I'm going to play sick and get out of work tell me WHERE to you live....."

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