The Instant Camera

"Come on, let's take some pictures with it!" You excitedly said to your best friend, Kendall. You both ran outside of your community college. In Kendall's hand she held a camera that she found in the basement of the school with a handwritten note that read, "Be careful with this one." It looked like a normal camera, but it had extra nobs and buttons that you both never saw before.

You both were outside on a beautiful sunny day. You both inspected the camera more thoroughly. "What do you think this 'Enhance' button does?" You asked Kendall.

"Probably just makes the lighting look better or something. Here's let's try it." Kendall said. She moved in-front of you and posed for a picture. You lined up the shot, and through the view finder, you could see Kendall looked different. She looked bigger. Confused, you thought, "hmm, must be just the view finder's glass shape or something." You snapped the picture.

As you pulled the camera away from your face, you couldn't believe what you were seeing. Kendall instantly got thicker! Her legs, ass, breasts were wayyy bigger than literally 2 seconds ago. "Whoa, Kendall! Look at your body!" You said, shocked.

Kendall looked down. "What the hell!?" She shrieked. She started grabbing her newly developed legs, butt, and boobs. "What just happened!?" She said, confused and shocked. "My tits.... they are HUGE! I have class in a few minutes, I can't go back looking like this!"

You couldn't stop staring at her. "Uh, ok, ok. Let me see if there's a reverse feature," you said while you fiddled with the camera. As you looked, you watched Kendall still caressing herself. She seemed to be in shock, but really enjoying her new body. "Found it! This button says, 'Reduce'." You told her. "Pose again," you said as you brought the camera back to your face. You struggled to find her in the view finder, though. She seemed to be way shorter now. You clicked the picture.

As you looked up, you realized Kendall wasn't there. You looked around, then looked down. "Holy SHIT!" You screamed, covering your mouth.

Looking up at you, Kendall screamed, "YOU SHRUNK ME!!! I'm like a little hobbit now!" You started to giggle, her voice was a little more high pitch and she did gain a few pounds somehow. "How are we going to fix this!?" She screamed.

Kendall ran over to you to try to grab the camera out of your hands. She jumped and jumped trying to reach, but you were so much taller than her, you simply just held it above her head. She kicked your shin. "Ouch!" You screamed, letting your guard down just for a second, where Kendall got a grip of the camera. "Give it to me!" She shouted. A tug-of-war started between you two, pulling on the camera. When then, you both heard metal snapping and cracking. "NO!" she screamed. You both stopped pulling, and saw that the camera was split in half. It was broken. You looked down and met Kendall's furious eyes. "Sorry?" You hesitantly said.

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