The Freshman 15

"Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!" Celeste waved excitedly to her parents as they drove off. Today was the first day of college and she couldn't wait to live life on her own.

Celeste was always the popular girl in high school. As a cheerleader, she naturally knew everyone and had tons of friends surrounding her each day. She applied to this college as a Finance major, but she secretly knew she was going to change her major to Dancing and Arts; something her parents would be extremely upset about.

As she watched her parent drive off, she walked immediately over to the athletics department to join the college cheerleading team. She walked into the building where she saw a skinny, cute red-headed girl with large breasts sitting behind the desk. "Hi, I'm Cammy. Welcome! How can I help you?" She asks with a smile on her face.

"Hi," Celeste started. "I was wondering how I could join the cheerleading team here."

Cammy's face brightened up and bounced up and down in her seat. "Well you're in luck because I'm on the cheer squad here!"

Celeste naturally started making eye contact with her massive breasts bouncing around. "Perfect! I was a cheerleader in high school and I'd love to be part of the team."

Celeste and Cammy discuss the details of the team. Just as Celeste was about to leave, Cammy's face suddenly got very serious. "By the way, they are VERY serious about the weight of each girl. Not to be offensive, but you might need to lose 10-15 pounds before tryouts next week."

Celeste looked at Cammy's figure again. Cammy had to be only 100 or 110 pounds (45-50 kg). "No offense taken, thanks for the heads up!" Celeste said with a fake smile as she left to go back to her dorm.

Walking back to her room, her head was hung down. "Did that mean I'm fat? How am I going to lose that much weight by next week?" Not paying attention, she accidentally ran into a girl who was texting.

"Urgh!" the girl moaned as they bumped into each other. "Hey! Watch where you're going!"

Embarrassed, Celeste started to apologize, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't -" The girl interrupts her.

"Wait." She said and looked down at her phone. "You must be Celeste?" The girl asked.

Puzzled, Celeste studdered, "Uh... yea... how did you..." and is interrupted again.

"Cammy texted me. So, it seems like we have someone who thinks they are cheerleader material?" The girl said with a smirk. "The name is Amanda, by the way." Amanda was about 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and had the most amazing hourglass figure Celeste had ever seen.

Celeste put our her hand to shake Amanda's. "Hi, I'm Celeste."

Amanda looked at Celeste's hand in disgust. "Well duh. And I don't shake looser's hands."

Celeste slowly withdrew her hand back to her side. "Oh, sorry."

"Anyways, so Cammy is right, you're going to need to lose weight. Here, order this weight drink online. That is your diet for the next week." Amanda traded cell phone numbers with her and shared the name of a weird supplement drink that Celeste never heard of. "Trust me, it's a Godsend," Amanda said with a sketchy smile. "I mean, look at MY body." Amanda spun around as Celeste admired. "Well buh bye and good luck!" Amanda walked off.

Still standing in a bit of confusion, Celeste realized her weight was going to be a problem for sure. She ran back to her room and quickly ordered the drink Amanda recommended.

-- The next day --

All day long, Celeste gulped down a bottle after bottle of the supplement drink. She actually liked the taste so drinking it wasn't as painful like she thought it was going to be. She took a picture of herself to compare what she would look like in a few days. "I hope this works!" She said excitedly.

Suddenly, she started to feel a warming in her stomach and breasts. Then the warming turned into pressure. "Umm... what's going on?" She thought. She looked down at her stomach and breasts. The warming and pressure intensified. She grabbed her stomach and breasts. "Urgh, what the hell?"

Under her hands, she thought she could feel her hands gripping more and more skin. She looked at herself in the mirror. "Wait, what?! Are...are my tits growing!?" She removed her hands. Her boobs under her sweater started stretching the fabric. "No way!" She closed her eyes, "Fuck this feels amazing. My skin is getting tighter and tighter!"

She started to notice her sweater looking as if it was starting to shrink. "Wow, my boobs are pulling this sweater up...wait, no!" She looked at her stomach in the mirror. It was growing too. She grabbed her stomach. "No, no, NO! Not my stomach!" She felt her stomach's skin pushing against her hand like a balloon being filled with air. "NO! I'm supposed to lose weight! NO!" Panicking, she grabbed the supplement bottle. The writing was all in a different language. She grabbed her cell phone and texted Amanda, "Something is happening to me... I'm gaining weight or something..."

Amanda texted back almost instantly. "Oh, I know. It's the drink."

Celeste's panic turned to anger. "WHAT!" She threw the drink against the mirror. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!?"

"Lol, of course, you stupid slut. No freshman is going to join MY team. Good luck losing that freshman 15! Hahaha"

Pissed and angry, Celeste looked back at herself in the mirror. The fat was starting to build up in her face now. "FUCK!! NO!!!!!"

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