The "Fix It" App

Lyka had always been jealous of those sexy Instagram models. Their hair, body, eyes, makeup, was always so flawless. She wanted to be like them.

As she was browsing through her phone one night, she found an ad for an app that caught her eye. The ad read, "Want that sexy Instagram booty? How about that skinny waistline? Download the 'IG Fix It' App today!"

"Well, why not?" Lyka thought, and then downloaded the app.

Her heart started to race while the app installed. "I wonder if this is what those models use to look so hot in their pictures," Lyka thought. "It's going to be amazing to see what this app will do for my body!" The app finished installing.

She clicked on the app and read the directions, "Take a picture, then select your desired fix! It's as simple as that!"

Lyka got up and walked over to her bedroom mirror. "Well, sounds easy enough." She posed, then took her selfie. "Alright, I want to look really skinny in this picture... so I'm going to click the 'skinny' button." Once Lyka's finger connected to the screen, she felt a horrible sensation in her stomach, as if she was just punched.

"Ugh, what the hell was that?" She said out loud. The app displayed a screen reading, "starting the Fix It process...please wait." She could see her picture on the screen and instead of getting skinny, she was getting fatter! "Wait, what? I clicked on skinny!" She screamed. As she said that, she could feel her arms getting heavier. She looked over at on arm and it was inflating! She looked back at the app, then back at her arm... they were growing in sync with each other!

"No! No no no no no!" Lyka panicked. She looked down at her stomach, her shirt was getting tight and her stomach was started to bulge out beneath it. She looked for a cancel button on the app. "STOP!!" She screamed. She felt her skin on her body tightening from the increased fat growing beneath of it. "Urggh... fuck.. why....!?"

"Fix It completed," the app's screen read.

Lyka stared at herself in the mirror. "What in the FUCK just happened?" She blurted out at the app.

"I don't want to be like this forever! Where is the undo button!?" She frantically searched the app's settings and buttons, but couldn't find it. Panicked, she thought, "well ok.. maybe if I grow taller, the weight will disperse better and I won't look as fat.. Let's try that."

Lyka took another picture, *click*. "Alright, here we go.. please don't fuck with me you stupid app..." she yelled at her phone. She clicked the "taller" button.

"Starting the Fix It process...please wait." The app read.

Lyka closed her eyes hoping this would work. When she opened them, she was dumbfounded by what she saw. She saw herself starting to shrink! Her legs buckled at the exact same time. "WHAT!? No... no no no no..." she screamed. She watched as the app slowly was decreasing her height, while she looked at herself in real life also shrinking. Her arms, legs, and body was pulling in tighter together. "Uhhrggg this is so painful! I did.... I didn't... urggg... I didn't want thisssss!" She said as her 5'6 height was now reaching a 4' height and still shrinking. "Why is this happening to me!?"

"Fix It completed," The app read.

Lyka stared at her new body... fat and tiny. "FUCK!!!!!"

The app's screen turned blank and a message appeared, "Thanks for using the trial version of the Fix It app. To access all the features, such as "undo changes", please pay $5,000 to purchase the app."

"God damn it!" Lyka yelled.

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