The Big Fun Drink

20 minutes earlier:

You and your friend, Dave, were on summer vacation from school and decided to explore downtown Chinatown. You found this weird hole-in-the-wall store that looked like a Chinese sex shop. As you entered, the smell of strong incense took over the room, and you could barely see the clerk behind the counter from all the sex-related toys and posters hanging all over the place.

"Welcome," a small Asian man greeted you both, his arms folded across his body contently. "What you are looking for?" He asks you in broken English.

"Oh, we're just browsing, thanks," you kindly reply. You look around for Dave who has already found his way to the aphrodisiac section. In a small, run-down looking cooler, there were a few cans that looked like Red Bull but had some kind of Asian writing on it.

"Ohhhh...." the clerk starts, "you are looking for some FUN tonight, yes?" He smiles at you and Dave. "This drink. BIG fun!" He slaps his leg and laughs.

You awkwardly smile back, "uh yes....we just got out of school and are looking for something to do."

"Well, those good drinks very fun!" He replies.

"Dude, does this look like a dick on this bottle?" Dave says. You turn and examine the can. You see what looks to be a printing of Asian letters and a penis shaped image used as the exclamation mark. You look back at the clerk, his eyebrows raise and smiles as he says again, "BIG fun!" This time, pointing to his crotch.

"I'm getting them," Dave proclaims. "Here," he hands the clerk a few dollars. "Thanks!"

As you leave the store, you hear the clerk laughing, like he knows something that you don't.


"What do you think he meant by 'big fun'," you ask Dave.

"Dude who fuckin cares, let's just play some Xbox and chill with a cool dick Asian drink to sip on."

Not ready to commit, you pull out your phone. You have a translation app on it that can translate anything you hold your phone up to. "Here give me one," you tell Dave.

"Catch, bitch!" He yells as he lobs it over to you.

You hold your phone to the can and let the app work. The app translates out loud, "Translation: dick fun. The drink for your little dick."

You and Dave look at each other, then bust out laughing. "What? What the fuck?" Dave says better the laughter. You scan it again, and the same translation happens.

"Well I guess the clerk meant dick fun, not big fun.." you continue laughing. "Weird.. whatever let's just chill."

You and Dave start playing games and chill. You chug the whole can without a problem. It was sweet and had a lemon flavor like a Sprite. After a few minutes, you started getting hot. "Damn, did I just get food poisoning from that drink?" You think to yourself. You look at Dave and he looks fine. "Hey, I got to go to the bathroom," you excuse yourself.

You start to feel pain deep inside your crotch. You quickly walk into the bathroom and shut and lock the door. "Ugh, what's going on." You feel the heat directing more towards your crotch. It was a warm, burning pain. It oddly felt good too.

You decided to inspect yourself. You unzip your pants and to your surprise, you are bulging out of your boxers. "WHOA! I didn't even feel getting this hard." You touch your bulge. "Fuck, it's so fat..." You start to panic. "Fuck, how am I going to hide something like this!? What is even going on!?"

You try to push your bulge down and make it smaller. The harder you resist, the more it seems to grow, not to mention the more sensitive and amazing it feels. "No, no, no... go AWAY!"

Dave starts banging on the door. *Knock knock knock* "Hey, you alright man? You on the phone or something?" Dave asks.

You stutter for words, "uh... yea.. I mean no... no, I'm not on the phone, just uh... singing a song... to .. myself. While I poop." You stare at the door, hoping Dave bought your obviously horrible lie.

After a long pause, he says, "uh, alright dude.. whatever." and you hear his footsteps as he walks away. You breathe a sigh and look back down at your bulge which seemed heavier. "HOLY SH--!" You grab your mouth to silence yourself. Your cock bulge is HUGE. You look at yourself in the mirror as you try to pull your jeans back on without luck. "FUCK! How am I supposed to... oh my God... how am I supposed to hide this!?" You panic as you think to yourself.

The pressure of your seemly growing cock starts to become too much for your boxers to handle. "Fuck, I need to pull this out..." You pull your boxers down and your newly massive cock flops out slapping against your leg making a loud slapping sound. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" You think to yourself.

You grab hold of it, not sure how to handle such a beast of a cock. "It's so thick," you think as you slowly grab hold of it. "It's so fucking long.. like 3-4 hands long!" You place two hands on it and stoke it a little. Your panic starts to fade as excitement fills your body.

"Is this from the Asian drink?" You think for a second when all of a sudden another growth spurt happens. You close your eyes, "OH fuckkkkk," you think as you feel your hand start to expand with the growing girth and length of your dick. Your squeeze it, feeling the pressure of the growth resisting your fingers and pushing back. The sensation stops and you stare at your giant cock. "I'm a fucking BEAST," you smile.

You admire yourself in the mirror when you suddenly hear Dave scream in the living room...

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