Stacey's Supplements

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

You and your girlfriend, Stacey, have been going to the same gym for about 3 months. You both had a dedicated diet, awesome workout plan, but you both just weren't seeing any results.

Stacey did some research online for some help. She found a supplement called, BEMG. The ad read, "Looking for the best muscle and body enhancer? Take 2 tablets daily, and watch the results take over!"

"Well, it's worth a shot," Stacey thought to herself. *Click* She bought a bottle.

A few days later, the shipment arrived. Stacey opened the bottle of BEMG and took 2 tablets. As she does every morning, Stacey sent you a sexy selfie of herself to you (the right picture) and texted, "I hope you have a nice day babe. I'm going to try those supplements I told you about."

Your phone buzzed in your pocket as you were in a meeting with your company's executive team. You took a quick peek at your phone. Smiling, you reply, "Sexy! Ok, babe, let's see if those pills help us out these next couple of months!"

After reading your text, Stacey's stomach started to gargle. "Oh no, I hope these aren't bad pills..." She thought. Stacey started to get really hot, her body and chest were on fire. "Ugh.. my arms... my chest.. they feel like.. they are..." before she could complete her thought, her boobs starting expanding like water balloons.

"Oh my GOD!" She screamed as she looked down at her inflating tits. "What in the fuck??" she looked at them in the mirror. Her mouth opened in shock with her newly expanded assets. "They are SO fuckin heavy," she said in a trance-like state. She grabbed them with her hands. "Oh no, what is going on now. I feel something happening in my arms! Are they growing?!"

Her biceps started to swell. "Holy shit!" She screamed.. then moaned, "this feels amazing!" Her biceps continued to inflate and became more defined. She stared at her new body in the mirror for a little bit, not sure of what just happened. She snapped another picture (the picture on the left).

Your phone buzzed again, and you took a peek. Your eyes widened as you couldn't believe what you were seeing. In only 10 minutes from her first text, her tits and arms were so much bigger! You read her text, "I don't think we need a 'couple of months,' babe ;) Come home and take these supplements with me."

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