Skills Growth

Claire and Cora were best friends since high school, so it was natural for them to stay together in college. They both were accepted to Skills Growth Community College (SGCC) and were lucky enough to be roommates!

As the two girls walked around campus, Claire noticed everyone was so much taller, not to mention bustier than her. "Wow Cora, look at all these tall girls. Does it seem a little odd to you?" Claire asked. Cora looked around, "I mean, sort of. But you were always the short one so why do you care?" Cora asked, teasing her.

Unamused, Claire responded, "No, I'm serious! Look at these girls!" She pointed to one girl who had to be at least 6ft tall. She wore a pretty revealing shirt which showed off the girl's massive tits. "That's not the first girl I've seen around here like that," Claire said.

Cora looked around, "Wow, very weird. I'm noticing that too." The two girls grabbed hold of their backpack straps and continued further into campus.

Later that night, Claire and Cora met up with some of their hallmates. Dreya, a tall, busty, and huge booty goddess, ended up inviting the two to a "skills initiation" party.

When they arrived at the party with Dreya, all they could hear was the EDM music in the background. They entered the house where a tall, muscular, and handsome black boy was manning the door. "Password?" he commanded from Dreya. He looked down to see the two girls trailing behind her. "Oh, new initiates? Welcome." He nodded to the girls and Dreya while the door opened.

The smell of beer filled their noses and the sound of laughing and music filled their ears. Claire, shy and timid, yelled in Cora's ears so she could hear, "WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY, 'INITIATES'?" Claire asked.

Cora shrugged and yelled back, "I DON'T KNOW! MAYBE SOME WEIRD COLLEGE THING?" Cora guessed.

The two followed Dreya down the long hallway that was only illuminated by the random strobe light coming from down the hall. The music and laughter getting louder the closer they got to the room. The girls finally reached the room, unsure of who was on the other side. "SHHHH DREYA IS HERE!" A random voice yelled over the music. The music's volume suddenly dropped.

Dreya, as if she was a butler from the 18th century, announced the girl's presence. "Ladies, I bring with me two new initiates, Clarie and Cora." Dreya motioned for them both to step forward. Hesitantly, but with a little excitement, the two girls walked in front of Dreya, who put her hands on both of their shoulders.

"Oh my God..." Claire whispered, shocked at what she was seeing. In front of them was a room full of goddesses. Tall girls, busty girls, thick girls, and everything in between. The goddesses were all smiling. The tallest and bustiest girl walked forward with two red cups.

"Welcome, my friends." She said with a pleasant smile. "Please drink from these and let us welcome you into our college." She handed over the cups to the girls. Claire looked inside at the pink liquid filling a quarter of the cup. "What is it?" Cora asked.

"Hush, my friend," replied the goddess with her hands in a namaste position. "These are the Drinks of Skills. They are the customary drinks of the school. You must take at least a sip in order to remain a participant at this school."

Claire and Cora looked at each other. "Ok," Cora said, hesitantly. They both placed the cups on their lips. The sweet scent of roses and strawberries tickled their nostrils. As if on cue, the two girls simultaneously drank the liquid. "Not bad!" Cora said to the goddess.

The goddess didn't respond, she only smiled. In fact, all the girls in the room looked as if they were frozen by a spell; all smiling and staring. "What? Did I drop some on my shirt?" Claire asked just before she felt a sharp pain in her boobs. She dropped the cup. "UGH... Ow!" She grabbed her chest it was as if it was on fire. She looked at Cora who was dealing with her own pains.

"Whoa! MMM FUCK!" Cora yelled, also dropping her cup and immediately reaching for her ass cheeks.

"So it begins," said the goddess with a laugh. The other girls in the room joined.

"WHAT BEGINS!? WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Cora yells. Cora and Claire try to turn around to leave, but Dreya firm grip on their shoulders prevented them. "No," Dreya said sternly. "You just need to let the Skills do their thing."

The two looked back at the room while the girls started to whisper to each other. Cora overheard a pair betting, "I'm guessing 2 cup sizes." And another pair, "I'm guessing the jeans burst."

Just then, Claire felt her tits. "No way! Are my tits growing?" Claire asked out loud. She held them and felt through her skin and nipples expanding underneath her fingertips. She moaned. "Oh FUCK! This feels AMAZING!" She yelled. The girls in the room giggled.

Meanwhile, Cora was in pleasure mode as well. She grabbed her ass, "FUCK! What? Is... is this growing?!" She thought. The girls in the room started pointing at her and whispering. Cora started to feel her butt cheeks pressing against the denim and filling it up. Her ass was expanding! She felt the fabric stretching under her fingers as her ass grew and grew. Her jeans were pulling against her stomach. "FUCK! Wha... what... mmmm" Cora couldn't even make sentences.

After a bit, the growth stopped. The girls in the room cheered and clapped. "Welcome to our school!" They all yelled in unison. The goddess looked at them and smiled, "each party you attend, more Skills will be rewarded. Come, let's take a picture." Excited, both girls posed for the camera.

"Good choice of school Claire. Good. Choice." Cora said. *Click*

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