Secret Growth

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

"Baby.. what is going on?" Your girlfriend asked as she looked down at her boobs. With a smug look, you explain, "Remember you wanted bigger tits? Well, I *may* have added a special supplement in your drink at dinner.”

Your girlfriend's eyes darted up, staring into yours. "You did WHAT?" She said in a panicked shriek. "I was just KIDDING when I said I wanted them bigger. They are already BIG. What’s going to happen!?” She took off her shirt to reveal her big tits… they were starting to grow.

"Fuck baby, my skin is stretching… my tits are getting heavier!" Your girlfriend explained. You, still smiling, said, "Oh, I know.. you should be growing for a bit now.” She moaned.

Her attitude started to change. With a smile, she said, "oh my God… I’m starting to get turned on. How big are they going to get?"

"The bottle says one full dose gives you 3-4 cup sizes," you said.

"Give me that bottle,” she said as she ripped the boob growth pills out of your hand. "I want MORE!" She poured out 4 pills in her hand, gulped them down, squeezed her new huge tits together, and told you, "I DO want to be BIGGER…"

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