Roomie Lotion

You and Mary have always been close friends. You've known each other since high school and now, 5 years later, you two are roommates in a busy city.

After a long day of work, you come home and see a small gift on your bed with a note, in Mary's handwriting, "Hey roomie! Here's something for your dry skin." Mary is currently working on her beautician degree and she was always giving you random samples of new products to try. You roll your eyes, put the gift on your desk, and change into some more comfortable clothes.

You start thinking to yourself, "do I really have dry skin?" You stand naked in front of the mirror and examine your body. The only thing you notice is that your dick is pretty dry - probably from all the jerking off you do. You open the gift and find a white tube that almost looks like toothpaste. You don't bother to read the tube and you squeeze out a long ivory-colored rope of lotion into the palm of your hand.

You grab hold of your dick and rub in the lotion. You feel a weird chilling sensation on your dick as you rub the lotion around. In no time, the lotion absorbs. "There, that feels a lot better." You wash your hands and notice you have a small boner from all the rubbing you just did.

Knowing that Mary wouldn't be home for a while, you decide to have a jerking session. You sit on your bed and pull out your laptop. Just as you're typing in a website, you start experiencing a warming sensation in your dick. It feels like someone was hugging it. You look down and notice the veins starting to get bigger and pulsating. "What the hell?" You think, but confused but impressed.

You continue to search for some good material when you feel the warming sensation on your dick increase. It felt so good. You looked down and yell out loud, "whoa! What the hell!?" You couldn't believe your eyes! You watched your dick start to grow!

You watched as your average dick started increasing in length and girth. With each centimeter of growth, your dick throbbed and your body jolted in pleasure. It was like you were cumming with each dick throb. "Why is this happening?" You thought. But that thought was quickly dismissed with more and more growth. You were getting HUGE!

Just then, you heard keys jingling outside the front door. "Oh shit! Mary! She wasn't supposed to be home until later!" You hear the door open, "Hey roomie! I'm home early!"

Flustered, you put your laptop to the side and you grab a blanket to cover yourself. You hear her high heels against the tile flooring as they are coming closer and closer to your room. *knock, knock, knock* "Hey are you home?" Mary asks.

"Uh... yes I am. Just changing." You reply.

"Did you see the gift I got you?"

You put the pieces togther: the lotion! "I did and tried some of it."

Surprised and happy, Mary yells, "you did!? What do you think?"

You decide to just show her. "Come on in," you tell her. Mary opens the door to see you laying in bed. You quickly rip off the blanket with your huge dick standing at full attention. Mary's jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

"Holy...*gulp* shit! I didn't think that would actually work!" Mary yelled.

"So you knew! You did this to me? What if I rubbed this on like my hand or nose or something?" You ask her, noticing her eyes are still locked on to your massive dick.

"Well, I knew you'd read the directions that it's for private parts so that didn't worry me..." She explained. She finally made eye contact and bites her lips, "so, roomie, I know we've only just been friends... but... what if we upgrade? Friends with some benefits?" She looked back down at your huge cock again and watched it as it still throbbed. Before you could answer she added, "I wonder what would happen if I put some lotion on my tits for you..."

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