Picnic Fun with Sam

"So what did you think of the food?" You asked your life-long friend Samantha, who always went by Sam.

"It was pretty good! But, I tasted a weird aftertaste after I drank some of your homemade wine," Sam replied.

You've known Sam since you two we kids. You met in on the swing set in this exact park and always got along. Your favorite game growing up was to play make-believe. Sam's favorite imagination was to grow and then shrink in size. Over time, you both ended up going to different colleges but kept in touch. You finally had a holiday break together and decided to meet for lunch.

What Sam didn't know is that during your first year as a chemistry student, you stumbled upon two experimental recipes that you wanted to test... something you KNEW Sam would love to experience.

"An aftertaste? What do you mean?" You asked.

"Well, after the really fruity flavor, I tasted this bitterness. Almost like a bad cup of coffee," Sam explained.

As she talked, you noticed her cheeks started getting fatter. Recipe 1 was working. Sam started to look concerned. "Do I look red to you?" She asked.

"Uh, Sam, I have a confession..." you began. "Remember when we played make-believe as kids? You loved to grow and shrink?"

"Yes, but what does that....Wait, did you... do something?" She asked, puzzled.

"I.. I may have found a few recipes to make that dream a reality." You stuttered, not knowing how she would take the news.

"WHAT!?" She screamed. You looked around to see if anyone noticed her screaming.

"Shhh, not so loud! I thought you'd want this." You explained. You noticed her shirt not getting moved upwards has her belly started to bulge outwards.

"Well yea! In private! We're in a public park!! You mean, I'm going to get bigger now?"

"And then smaller... like you always wanted," you said with a smile and grin.

"Uh.. I feel so warm... oh my gosh... look at my stomach! My boobs!!"

You looked at Sam with a grin. You can't believe the recipe actually worked. "Are you ok?" You ask.

"Ughh... I feel so heavy. I never had a stomach this big before. I.. I kind of like it."

You then noticed an immediate change of facial expression. Sam looked at you and said, "uh oh.. something doesn't feel right."

And within a few seconds, you saw Sam's stomach, her arms and body completely shrink down! The second recipe was kicking in!

"Holy crap!!!" She said as her body decreased in size; her voice turning into more of a tiny child's voice now.

You stared at her and couldn't believe your eyes. She was about the size of your whole leg. "Shit Sam, you're so tiny now."

In a tiny voice, she said, "Fuck! This is amazing! I always wanted to know what this felt like!" After some time, you both came to a realization. "Uh, do you have the recipe to make me normal again?"

You didn't. "I... I didn't even think these were going to work so.. I don't."

"Well, I guess you're going to have to carry me home, then because I'm not walking around like this and getting stepped on by accident." She demanded.

"Of course.. I'll bring you to my room and we'll figure something out."

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