Monstars Drink

You had an average-sized dick and never thought twice about it. That is until you met your partner, Jordan. Over time you realized that Jordan was a huge size freak. Jordan always talked about getting a bigger dildo to play with during sex or you would catch Jordan playing to huge dick porn. Jordan never made you feel bad about your size, but you knew Jordan had a fetish that you wanted to fulfill.

One day after work, you came home and saw a tall soda can on the kitchen counter with a note in Jordan's handwriting, "Try this! It tastes amazing!" This wasn't out of the ordinary, Jordan liked to expand your palate with different foods and drinks. You picked up the drink and the label read, "Monstars - Making Monstars from boys since 2002"

You smirk at the label and think why you've never heard of that brand of drink before. You pop open the tab and take a drink. Your eyes lit up, surprised! The flavor was amazing! It was as if you were drinking strawberry and watermelon juice right from a can. You gulp the whole drink down in a few seconds. "Man, that was delicious! I'm going to have to thank Jor...dan...ugh..."

Mid-thought, you start to feel a rumbling in your stomach. The sensation felt as if you needed to burp, but you couldn't. You just felt the pressure building and building. You reach your hands to your stomach. "Ugh! I think I drank that too fast..." You could feel yourself starting to get hot. The pressure moved from your stomach down to your intestines. Surprisingly, though, the pain started to feel good.

Your body's heat soon seemed to focus on one area, your crotch. You made your way to your bedroom where you plopped onto your bed. "What is happening!" You start to feel the pressure going from your intestines, into... what felt like your dick. You could feel your dick start to heat up and you started to get goosebumps on your arms.

You now felt like your dick was on fire! You ripped your pants off to see what the hell was going on. You looked at your dick in amazement. You never had seen your dick so hard before! You watched as it pulsed and throbbed. You could still feel that pressure sensation slowly seeping from your body to your dick and you finally saw what was happening: your dick was GROWING!

You watched as every throb of your dick made it longer and fatter. The sensation of pressure building up in your dick felt as if it was expanding like a water balloon! Your eyes rolled back in your head from how amazing it felt to grow. You reached your hand out and grabbed it, "Holy shit! It's longer than my hand... and so much thicker! How can this..." You then made the realization. "JORDAN DID THIS TO ME WITH THAT DRINK!" You yelled. "I'm a monster cock porn star!"

Almost on cue, Jordan knocked on your door, "So is it working?" you heard from the other side of the door. The door opened, and you saw Jordan standing there, jaw dropped and eyes huge as they stared at your now massively huge monster cock.

"Wow! That drink is no joke, huh?" Jordan asks with a smile and not able to stop looking at your massive throbbing dong.

You can't tell what emotion your feeling, mad, upset, or horny. You look at Jordan and smile, "Well, it's you fetish right? Come get this monster cock, babe."

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