Mistress' Growth Powers

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

You and Tom, your friend lie under Mistress Jasmine's hands. "Not too bad of size, you two," Jasmine says as she admires both of your dicks. "But, I want to have a little fun!"

Smugly, Tom says to her, "Hey, we know your powers and I want to be even bigger than my buddy." Jasmine glances over at Tom, "oh is that so?" She noted. "It looks like you're already big, though. I want to see him bigger," she said playfully as she glanced at you and your cock.

"Wait, no! I want to be bigger!" Tom cried. Jasmine squeezed Tom's cock so hard the head looked like it was a pimple ready to pop! "Hush now little one," Jasmine said, calmly. He is going to get my powers.

She looked at you again and focused on your cock. You could feel pressure building at the base of your cock and in your balls. Her hand on your cock got even warmer and hotter as if something was traveling from her hand into your dick. You moan. "Yes, yes! Relax and feel the growth," Jasmine explained.

As you looked at your dick, you could see it growing! It was squirming through Jasmine's hands, inch by inch, with a sound like that of a balloon stretching. You could feel the rush of blood in your engorged dick as it grew and grew. It grew almost 3 times the size!

You looked over at Tom, who is both amazed and jealous. "Hey Jasmine, can you make Tom wish he wasn't so cocky? I want to see his dick shrink," you instructed.

"Oh, yes. Let's," Jasmine replied. "Sorry Tom..."

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