Making of a Bustier Girlfriend

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

"Babe, are you ready yet?" You asked as you walked upstairs to the bathroom. As you turned the corner, you could see your busty girlfriend still getting ready. "Just give me a sec, ok? I feel really hot for some reason."

"That makes sense why she's completely naked," you thought. Then it hit you. You have been secretly giving your girlfriend breast growth powder in her food... holy shit, was that actually working now?

"Hey babe," you start to ask. "Did you take a hot shower? Why do you feel hot?"

"I dunno," she answered. "It just feels like my tits are on fire. They feel tingly and weird too."

Oh shit. It is happening! Before you could think another thought, you could see her boobs getting fuller and fuller. "Oh my God.. what... what.. what is happening!?" Your girlfriend shrieked. "It feels so fucking good. How are they growing!?"

Your jaw dropped as you hesitated to answer. You just smiled and said, "Let's stay in tonight, I have to have you right now."

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