Lucid Dreaming

Rita was fast asleep in her soft cotton bed, sleeping naked as she normally did. She found out that by sleeping naked, her dreams were more intense and lifelike.

In her dream:

Rita was out with her friends in a bar. She spotted a hunk of a man: broad shoulders, tall, muscular, and very handsome. Her urges couldn't handle it and she had to go talk to him.

She walked through the packed club with her drink in-hand. The music was blaring and the strobe lights were making Rita feel uneasy on her feet. Just as she was about an arm's reach of her man crush, her foot stepped on an empty beer can someone left on the floor. Rita slipped, in what seemed like slow motion. Out of instinct, she threw her empty hand out towards the man. In nearly a millisecond, the man caught her back, fully supporting her. His and Rita's face were close to each other. "Hi," the man said in a deep voice and ended with a smile. In an instant, the moment was ruined. Rita's drink still was falling in motion and broke its fall on the man's arm, splashing peach vodka all over his arm and Rita.

"Oh NO!" Rita screamed. The man set Rita upright. She panicked, "Oh no, I'm so sorry!" She started to brush his arm with her flimsy napkin.

"Hey, don't worry about me. You should worry about yourself," the man said, pointing at Rita's dress. It was a skin-tight white dress now with yellow vodka spattered all over, mostly on her breasts. "You want me to take you home?" The man asked. Rita nodded and he grabbed her hand to guide her out of the club. Along the way, Rita made eye contact with her friends, smiled and gave them the thumbs up.

Outside of the club now, the man looks at Rita. "Hey, so I'm Frank. I'm sorry about what happened to you in there."

Rita looked at the ruined dress and shrugged, "don't be sorry, I'm the one who didn't see the beer can. It's my fault." She looked back up and their eyes met. He was so fucking attractive.

In real life:

Rita's pussy started getting wet. Her arms reach down to her clit and she started to rub.

In her dream:

The two took a cab to her condo. "Wow," Frank exclaimed. "This is very classy!" Rita was extremely wealthy and kept her condo extremely tidy.

"Thanks, I'm going to change really quick. There's some beer in the fridge if you'd like." Rita explained. Rita then realized Frank was checking out her figure. "Or, you can get me out of these dirty things and maybe we can shower together?" Rita said half-joking, half-hoping Frank wanted to.

Frank smiled, "I knew you wanted me." He grinned.

Rita blushed and smiled, "come get me if you can!" She darted up the stairs, holding her dress above her knees so she could run.

Frank laughed and played along. He jogged behind her while she made it to the bedroom where Rita was waiting. She looked amazing with the moonlight hitting her tiny frame in her tight white, but stained, dress. "Let me help you with that," Frank demanded.

Frank walked over, slowly. He and Rita's eyes gazed into each other. They wanted each other, BADLY. He placed his hands on her hips, she then placed her's on his arms. "Shit, his arms are so muscular," she thought to herself while giving them a squeeze.

Frank bent down and slowly pulled the dress up. He unexpectedly kissed her legs as he exposed the skin from the dress. Up and up and up. Sweet soft kisses.

Rita placed her hands on Frank's head and ran her fingers through his thick brown hair.

In real life:

Rita's pussy was incredibly wet. She started to sleep-finger herself with one hand while using the other she grabbed her breast and squeezed.

In her dream:

Frank removed her dress, and she removed his pants. "I got something I wanna show you," Rita said with a smile. She positioned herself on the bed with her ass in the air. She turned her head to the side and looked over at Frank, his dick obviously getting hard now. She smiled, "watch this." She closed her eyes, and Frank was in disbelief.

"Is your ass.... growing?" Frank whispered. Rita laughed, "enjoy babe." Before Frank's eyes, Rita's slim butt was growing in size and plumpness. It sounded as if it was stretching, like a water balloon getting bigger and bigger. Rita moaned.

In real life:

Rita spun over to the exact position in her dream. Her ass actually growing in real life. She moaned. "Mmm Frank, come get this pussy baby," she begged in her sleep. Her ass continued to grow and grow...

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