Leanne's Christmas Wish (Poem)

T'was the night before Christmas

And in the bedroom of the mansion

Sat Leanne Crow, with a mind full of expansion.

As she lie in bed with the fireplace lit

she looked down at her already gigantic tits.

The light of the fire ignited the desire

to wish for the wish she repeated each year.

She closed her eyes and begged and plead, "Please, Santa, oh please,

"please make them bigger and grow with ease."

She then drifted to sleep with her breasts still in hand,

while the magic of Christmas went traveling the land.

She woke up Christmas morning, and to her delight,

Santa had visited sometime in the night!

Her breasts had grown massive, like water balloons!

"Oh thank you, oh thank you!" She screamed in a delighted tune.

Leanne Crow

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