Kat's Birthday Powers

As you finished putting on your costume for the birthday party, you heard your friend, Kat, call for you from the kitchen.

"Jake!? Can you help me zip the back of this costume up?" Kat yelled.

"Yep! Just one second," you yelled back.

It was Kat's birthday party and she wanted it to be Halloween themed. You invited over 30 of her friends to come to the party today. Needless to say, Kat was pretty popular.

As you walked into the kitchen, you were amazed at Kat's costume. You never really noticed how big her boobs or ass were before!

"Wow Kat, really going slutty with that outfit. Looks good!" You told her.

"Fuck yea I am. It's my 21st birthday so I get to do whatever I want," Kat said with a smile.

You walked around her backside to help with the zipper. As you were standing behind her, you couldn't help but look down at her ass teasing you behind those fishnet stockings. "How could I have never noticed this thick ass on Kat before?" You thought to yourself. You zipped up her costume.

"Thanks, Jake!" Kat said as she turned around and kissed your cheek.

You've known Kat since you two were young kids. It seemed like over time, you were put into the friend zone.. always helping Kat out of her relationship issues and troubles. You always wondered how life would be if Kat was more than a friend.

*ding dong* the doorbell rang.

"Alright, Kat! Ready for an awesome birthday!?" You exclaimed.

"YES! Take a shot with me real quick!" Kat said as she handed you a shot glass.

"Cheers!" You both said together and took your shots.

.....Later that evening.....

The party was great. All of Kat's friends showed up, the music choices were on-point, and everyone was feeling pretty buzzed and happy. Kat was especially buzzed and happy.

"Heyyy, everyone! I want to show you somethingggg really cool that I can dooo..." Kat slurred as she laughed and giggled. "Come into the kitchen!"

Everyone stumbled around into the kitchen, whispering and wondering what Kat was going to do.

"I discovered a magiccc power I had since I was 18... and NOW... I want to shareee." Kat explained. "Watch!"

Kat looked up, but her arm behind her head and everyone started to gasp. You also couldn't believe what you were witnessing. Kat's boobs... they were... growing! Her already tight shirt was stretching as the jaws of her friends started dropping. "Holy fuck Kat!" Stacy yelled.

"I'm not done," Kat said with a smirk. Everyone eyes shifted to Kat's ass. It was growing too! Both her tits and ass looked like someone was filling them up like water balloons. Every few seconds a big surge of something caused her skin to ripple and they both got bigger and bigger.

"Kat stop! I'm not going to be the biggest boobed girl anymore!" Angel screamed.

"That's the point, Angel..." Kat smiled. "So, what do you all think?"

Other than the music that was still on in the background, everyone was dead silent in complete shock. Kat's tits grew from B's to DDD's.. and her ass was the size of a giant watermelon.

"I'll take the silence as a good thing," Kat said with a wink. Her eyes searched the room and finally found and connected with yours. "Jake, can you please send our friends home? I want to show you what else I can do..."

Everyone's eyes darted at you. "Uh..." You hesitated. Then looked at everyone and quickly said, "Well, that's all folks, thanks for coming, it was really nice to see you all again, be sure to call Uber or Lyft outside or just walk home, ok bye!" Everyone, dumbstruck, silently left the kitchen and started to shuffle out of the house. You walked back into the kitchen and found Kat still standing there.

"So, want to see how much bigger I can make these?"

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