Jenna Shea's Booty Shoot

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

You are the industry's best nude photographer and you have models from all over the world contacting you to take their pictures. Somehow, you always seem to make a model's assets "bigger." Today, Jenna is one of those models.

After inviting her into your house and some small talk, you get down to business. "So Jenna, what kind of a photoshoot are you looking for?" You ask.

"Well, my followers LOVE my tits, but I want to give them some more booty action. Is that something you can help with?" She asked.

You smirked. "Of course, I mean you've seen my work, right?"

Jenna smiled, "Ohhh yes. I want THAT kind of shoot!" She said while jumping up and down in excitement. You had to contain yourself from watching her breasts bouncing up and down behind a thin white t-shirt.

"Well ok, how about one of my favorite poses? Let's get you on the couch with a look-over shot." Jenna nodded, "You're the master! Let's do it!" She took off her shirt and her tight jeans. You direct her godly body over to the couch. You watched her position herself, her butt and tits jiggling all over the place while she is getting adjusted.

"Like this?" She asked as she turned her head over to you.

"Yes, perfect!" You replied. You grabbed your special camera and changed the setting to Enhancer Mode. You aim the camera at her, focusing the Enhancer on her already big ass. "Just stay like that for a few minutes. I'm going to snap some pictures." You press the camera's button and the camera's shutter started chirping away.

"Whoa, what's going on!?" She exclaimed.

"Just doing my work, Jenna. Trust me." You smiled behind your camera.

"It feels like my butt is... growing!" She said, shocked.

"Well, you did say you wanted to give your fans more booty action. Right?" You replied.

"Umm, yea... WHOA!" Your camera was working. Her ass was expanding.

"Wait...wait... wait! You're doing this??" Jenna said completely puzzled. You didn't answer and kept your finger on the trigger.

"Holy shit.. this feels so... fucking good." She moaned. You watched as her ass cheeks absorbed the camera's Enhancer feature. Her butt was expanding and looked as if both cheeks were being filled with water in a constant flow of booty-water. Her ass started jiggling now.

"Wait! How big are you going to go!?" She asked, both excited and nervous.

"Well, you did pay me for an hour," you replied. You both smile.

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