Jamie's Bubble Formula

"Come to my dorm room after class :D"

That was the random text you got from one of your college classmates, Jamie. You couldn't figure out why she'd be texting you that on a Monday when your class together is Friday. You walked over to her dorm room to see what was up. "Maybe she is confused with the chemistry formulas," you thought.

You made your way down her hall and knocked on her door, "knock, knock, it's me!" you said through the door.

"Come innnnnn," answered Jamie in a cute and sweet voice. You opened the door and found Jamie in her bra, nothing else. She was playfully sitting on her bed, staring at you. You hurried into the room and slammed the door shut. You stared at her, stunned.

"Jamie! Holy shit, are you drunk? What's going on!"

"Oh hush," Jamie started. "I know you have a thing for me, so don't deny it. I also saw you on some furry websites during class.. lucky for you, I LOVE that. What do you think about my tail?" Jamie turned over and exposed her naked ass, with her tail-plug. She wiggled it while looking over her shoulder at you.

You were so turned on.

"Uh... Jamie... I..." You shuddered.

"I said hush. That's not even the best part! I found an old recipe in our chemistry book that someone wrote down, it was called, the 'Bubble Formula.' I went and tried it on a few of my friends, and guess what it does?" Jamie asked, playfully.

"Does... does it have anything to do with how Samantha grew boobs and an ass overnight?" You asked.

Jamie laughed, and nodded. "Mmhmm. Let me show you what this formula can do." She motioned for you to grab a vial off her desk. There was a dark blue liquid inside and the vial was half full. Jamie stuck out her tongue. "Give me a few drops of it, please??" Her face and eyes looked like an adorable puppy.

You did as she requested and dropped 3 drops of the Bubble Formula on top her pink tongue. Jamie pulled her tongue into her mouth and swallowed. "Yum! Ok, now watch baby."

With the vial in hand, you took a few steps back and watched the formula do it's magic. You first started to see her bra get tighter, like there was water filling her boobs. "Mmm, watch these tits grow for youuu." She moaned. Your eyes started to get big... and that wasn't the only thing getting big. Jamie giggled, "Mmm my ass is starting tooo.. ohhhh."

You looked at her ass now. Her ass check was starting to cover more and more of her tail. "Ohhh yes... watch it grow babe," Jamie said with her eyes closed. You could tell she loved the sensation. Her ass kept growing and you could only see the end of the tail now.

"Fuck, Jamie!" You whispered excitedly.

"Yes, PLEASE." Jamie yelled. "But give me more of that formula first, you till have a LOT of drops to go..."

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