Jacob and the Spells of Ancient Change

Although other aspects of Jacob's life were great, he always wished his dick was bigger. He always wanted a package that would be noticeable to others when he walked around town. He always asked in his prayers for a bigger cock, but that prayer was never answered.

One day, Jacob had enough. He wanted, no, demanded to be bigger. He had enough of praying. Today was the day he tried something else, something more sinister.

Jacob found a book on witchcraft at a local shop called, "Spells of Ancient Change." Jacob rushed home with the book in hand and flipped through the pages. He found a spell he thought might work. He took his pants off, and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. "I can't wait to be bigger," he thought to himself. "I want this cock to reach past my kneecaps."

He looked back down at the book and yelled out, "Experiso major dickyoso!" He looked at this cock in the mirror. Nothing. "Experiso major dickyoso!!" He yelled louder. Still, nothing. Discouraged, he flipped through the pages trying to find another spell.

As he was flipping through the pages, he felt a warm sensation in his testicles and dick. He thought maybe the heater turned on, and didn't think anything of it. He kept reading and searching. A few seconds later, the warming sensation was increasing and now his dick was hot. He looked back at the mirror at his dick and was shocked!

"What in the fuck!? Is.. is it working?" Jacob thought to himself. In the mirror he saw his small cock suddenly increasing in length and girth. It looked as if it were being filled up like a water balloon as the cock head moved towards the ground with more and more cock filling in behind it.

Jacob's eyes were wide open. He looked down at his dick and touched it to make sure it was really happening. He grab hold of his expanding cock, "MMM fuck! It's so much bigger!" He thought. Excited, he flipped through the pages and found the spell again. "Experiso major dickyoso!" He yelled once more.

His dick grew more aggressively this time, much thicker too. The intense growing sensation made Jacob incredibly horny. He started to feel light-headed and sat down on the toilet. The growing continued as he got an erection.

"Oh fuck... look how fucking huge I am!" He said out loud in disbelief. He looked at his now giant cock was growing alongside of his leg. "It.. it feels so fucking good!" He moaned.

The growing eventually stopped, and he stared at his new, giant cock. "I wonder how many times I can use this spell?" He thought. A smile came over his face.

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