Instagram Lust

Kate sat in her bed one night browsing her Instagram feed. The more she scrolled through, the more jealous she became. Every one of their pictures was stunning! One friend in particular, Chelsea, had THOUSANDS of likes and hundreds of comments on single photos. It wasn't really a mystery why; Chelsea had huge tits and she loved to tease and show them off.

Kate clicked on Chelsea's profile and continued to scroll. She looked at one particular photo of Chelsea laying down on a pool lounge chair at a side angle that completely showed off how big her melons rose off of her chest. Kate looked down at her average chest and became red with jealousy. "I want those!" Kate thought to herself. She immediately opened up Chelsea's DM and wrote her:

In a text, Kate received a link that looked like a spam link. A few seconds after, Chelsea called. "Hey Kate, so you have to PROMISE that you won't tell anyone about this. I'm only telling you because we've been great friends and, well, you need the boost right now."

Kate responded, "Well I do, and I promise I won't tell anyone. So did you get injections or pills or..."

Chelsea interrupted, "No, pills. The best breast expansion pills Germany can offer."

Kate smirked, "Pills?"

"Hey, do you want tits like mine or not? You have to trust me."

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry."

Chelsea guided Kate through the special purchasing process which felt as if Kate was about to receive a call from the DEA or FIB. After 20 or so minutes, they were done. "Ok, you should get your pills in a week or two!" Chelsea said, excitedly. "You may want to not use your real name as your Instagram username anymore. You're bound to get stalkers once you get your new boobs."

Kate felt butterflies in her stomach, she was so excited. "Ok, thanks for the advice and thank you so much for the pills!"

-- 2 weeks later --

Kate stared at the prescription-looking bottle with all German text. She was excited but also scared at what was about to happen.

"So you ready to get out of the itty bitty titty club today?" Chelsea asked from behind her.

Kate grabbed the bottle and turned around towards her, "Yes!" Kate opened the bottle and poured 4 pills in her hand. "It's one pill per cup size, right?"

Nodding and smiling, Chelsea answered, "Yes, but be careful kiddo, from what I know this isn't reversible. I'd go slow and steady if I were you."

Kate looked down at Chelsea's huge breasts looked her in the eye and popped all 4 pills and swallowed. "I want to be as big as you." They both smiled.

"Well, it's going to take some time to kick in, how about we go hang out by your pool? You could take some pics of the progress when it starts to happen!"

They both changed into their bathing suits and headed to the pool. The whole time Kate could hardly believe what she had done or if the pills would even work.

Sitting outside, Kate begins to feel her chest tighten. She grabs her boob. "I...I think it's starting Chels." Kate feels her breasts become warm and extremely sensitive.

"Wow, really? That was fast. I mean you DID take 4 pills at once. I only took 2."

"What!? Only 2 got you to that size!?" Kate asked pointing at Chelsea's tits.

"Well, I did have bigger boobs than you did... but I wanna watch what happens to... whoa!"

Chelsea sees Kate's suit begin to expand. Kate let out a small moan, "Mmmm fuck! Holy fuck this feels so good Chelsea!" Kate grabs her warm, expanding breast with one hand and her other hand instinctively goes to her crotch. It seemed like with each breath, her boobs expanded more and more, making her skin tighter and tighter.

"OMG Kate, they are growing so big!"

Kate closed her eyes and grabbed both of her now at least DD breasts. They were so BIG and sensitive! "I think they are still growing Chels..." Kate whimpered. As if on cue, her boobs expanded another full cup size, her bathing suit was pulling against her back now.

"I can see that, Kate! Take a pic for the Gram!!" Chelsea demanded!

Kate took her phone out. She wanted to replicate the photo Chelsea took that started this whole journey. She snapped it, and posted it with the caption, "Not so little anymore." The likes and comments almost instantly started flooding her inbox. Kate looked down at her massive chest and thought, "I still have 6 more pills..."

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