Horsing Around, Part 2

Updated: Sep 25

This is a continuation of, Horsing Around.

You stare at your monster 8-foot horse dick in shock. You reach for the prescription bottle again. "I wonder what will happen if I take just a few more pills..." you whisper to yourself.

Just then you hear faint knocking on the front door. "Damn, Blake's friends must have arrived." You hear Blake open the door and welcome his friends. It sounds like a girl and a few guys.

"I can't walk out like this," You think to yourself as your 8-foot hard dick pole is swinging about. "I... I need to figure out how to make this manageable. Think of.. baseball! Yea, that will get it softer." You try and convince yourself as you quickly try to get your massive boner under control.

*Knock, knock*

"Yo, the guests have arrived!" Blake yells through the door. "Hurry up and finish your jack off session already!" He jokes as you hear him walk away.

"Baseball, grandmas, wallpaper..." You think with your eyes closed. You finally feel a difference in your stretched dick skin and blood flow. You peek with one eye and see your horse cock starting to throb back down to a softer size. "Thank the horse gods... it's finally going down."

You go to your closet to look for anything you have that's baggy enough to hide your monster from everyone. As you sift through your pants you finally find some black sweat pants. You look down and see that your horse dick has, almost magically, gone back to a normal size. You guess it's about 8-9 inches soft now. You shove your meat into your boxers and sweat pants and check yourself in the mirror. As you turn left and right, you notice you can still see your bulge going down your leg, but this has to be good enough. You take a deep breath and leave your room.

As you walk down the hallway, you can't help but notice your new warm dick against your leg. It's a new sensation to feel something so big and long rubbing your inner leg that you're starting to get turned on again. "Baseball...baseball..."

You manage to make your way to the living room where you hear laughter and talking. You turn the corner and see Blake and his three attractive friends that he showed you on his phone earlier.

"There he is!" Blake yells with a beer in hand. His friends all take a look at you which makes you feel uneasy. You rub your hand along the back of your neck, "Hi everyone. I'm Will. It's nice to meet you."

A blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes greets you first, "Hi! I'm Emmy!" She points to a black-haired guy with brown eyes, "That's Tim." Then she points to a blonde-haired guy with green eyes, "And that's Fred." They both wave and say hi. Emmy continues, "Blake told us that you work as a vet? That sounds so cool! Grab a beer and tell us about it!" You nod, grab a beer from the kitchen, then come back to the room.

As you stand and sip your beer you notice Emmy's eyes are locked on your crotch. You look down to see what she's looking at and you are dumbfounded to see how obvious your bulge is showing. You look back up at Emmy and she looks away with red cheeks. You twist your body and quickly sit down next to Tim. You have never had someone check out your bulge before. You feel proud but also ashamed for some reason. You position the beer can over your soft bulge to try and not make it so noticeable.

You chat with everyone and notice Emmy's face is still red and she barely makes eye contact with you. "Man, did my bulge really freak her out that much?" You take a few more sips of beer when you feel some pressure building up in your crotch. You peek down and notice your bulge moved further forward down your leg than where it was a moment ago. You reposition the beer can and continue talking. You drink more and you feel a sudden pressure again in your crotch. Again, you notice you're getting bigger.

"Is everything ok?" Blake asks you.

Flustered, you look up and see everyone staring at you, "I uh...yea...I need to get something from my room. Excuse me." You stand up and try to hide your growing bulge, but you quickly realize that's no use. You look up and notice everyone notices your huge bulge. You quickly turn your body and make your way to your room. Just before you close the bathroom door you hear Blake whisper, "Wait, did you all just see what I saw...?"

You close the door, put your beer on the desk, and look at yourself in the mirror. "There is no way they did not see this." You poke your fat bulge and look at your cock that halfway down your leg. In an instant, your attitude changes. "Fuck, look at this fat dick!" You think as you start to rub on it with your hand. You grab your beer and take another drink. On cue, you feel your cock start to throb.

"Wait a second..." you start to realize. You take another sip and BOOM, another cock throb. "Shit, there's a reaction to alcohol?" You realize this side effect would never have been known before since the pills you took were meant for animals.

You look back at the mirror and see your fat bulge getting even fatter, longer, and pulsating. "I want more..." you think. You look at your beer and take another drink. You close your eyes in pleasure. "MMMM fuck..." You feel your dick starting to fill with blood. More and more pressure building against your leg and pants. You open your eyes and look in the mirror again, your dick was reaching past your knees now and you can easily see the outline of the horse dick through your pants.

*Knock knock* "Hey, you alright man?" You recognize Tim's voice through the door.

"You open it and peek your head out the door. "Yea, I'm good just a few more minutes..." Without warning Tim thrusts open the door, pushing you back towards your bed. He steps in, shuts and locks the door, and stares at your bulge.

"Don't lie to me." He says looking you back in the eyes. "What the fuck is that in your pants? An inflating balloon? If you're thinking you are trying to impress people like Emmy with a balloon, you must think we're really stupid."

Still in shock from being locked into your room with Tim, you being to laugh. "You think this is a balloon?" You reach down and grab your fat bulging dick down around your knee and squeeze for him to see.

"Fine, show me then. Let's compare." He says as he starts undoing his own pants.

"Compare?" You think to yourself. "Does he have a.. whoa!"

You watch Tim pull down his pants and see that he also has a massive bulge going down his leg. "See, now this is a real horse cock..." he says as he takes off his boxers. You watch as his massive semi-hard dong flop out of his boxers, nearly reaching his knees.

"How..." You think to yourself, still in the middle of taking off your pants.

You look at Tim with is arms proudly folded across his chest. "Well?" He says, waiting for you.

You shake off your shock and remove your pants and boxers too. Your dick flops out just like Tim's.

"Well, well, well," Tim says, surprised. "Wow, your dick looks like a literal horse cock. Why is that?"

You smile. Let me show you...

Part 3 coming soon!

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