Horsing Around

Updated: Sep 22

You open the door to your apartment after a long day of work and see your roommate, Blake, on the couch watching TV. With a small unlabeled brown paper bag in hand, you try to sneak past him to the stairs to get to your room. Just as you are about to reach the first step you hear, "What you got there?" You freeze and try to act cool. "Oh, just...just some medication," you answer hesitantly. You can feel your face getting red. You weren't really a good liar. Blake looked at the bag and then you. "Ok, just was curious if it was weed was all." You smiled, "Ha no, not today. I gotta go to the bathroom, I'll come back down in a few." Blake nods and you hurry up the stairs to your room and you shut and lock the door behind you. You place the paper bag on top of your desk while your stomach starts to get butterflies with excitement. "I finally have them. I finally have the pills!" You think to yourself. As a veterinarian's assistant, you've personally seen what these pills can do to animals. Mostly given to horse breeders, you have seen these pills increase sexual drive, and even growth of an animal's dick size. So you placed a bogus order and took the pills for yourself, just to see what would happen if you took one. You open the bag and pull out a normal looking prescription bottle with pea-sized blue pills filled to the brim. Without any hesitation, you twist the cap off and pour one pill into your hand. "Here goes nothing!" You think as you pop the pill into your mouth and swallow. Almost instantly, you feel a rush of warmth and blood flood your lower body, cock, and balls. You take off your pants and look at yourself in the full-length mirror waiting to see what happens. Again you feel a rush of warmth but this time focused completely on your cock and balls. You close your eyes, "Fuck this feels AMAZING!" You look back at yourself in the mirror and you focus on your dick. You could feel and see it starting to throb and pulsate. "Oh fuck... it's about to happ-ennnnn!" You can hardly finish your thought as you feel and witness your average dick starting to grow! You watch and feel it grow thicker and longer with every pulsating beat. "Oh fuck...look how big it's getting!" You watch in disbelief as it grows bigger and bigger, inch by inch. After a few minutes of amazing growth, you feel the warming sensation pass away. You are shocked and admire your now 9-inch dick. "Wow, it had to have grown at least 4 inches! I wonder what more pills would do..." You quickly grab the pill bottle and down 5 more pills. "This is so fucking exciting...and I want to be HUGE!" You can feel your heart racing with excitement. Just then you hear a knock at your door. Startled, you quickly close the pill bottle and toss it under your pillow. "Hey man, I got a question for ya," Blake says behind the door. "Just a minute man!" You yell as you frantically try to zip your pants back on. "Ok, I just have something to show you or else I'd just ask through the door." You finally get your pants on and you do a quick check on your appearance in the mirror. You notice your newly grown bulge showing a little, but you don't think Blake will notice. You open the door. "What's up," you say, a little out of breath. Blake has his phone in hand, "would you be cool if I invited some friends over? It'd be a few guys and girls. Here are their pics if you want to see." He hands over his phone to you. Not really giving a care about this right now, you quickly hand the phone back to Blake. "Yeah sounds good." You suddenly feel the warming sensation down your body again and in your dick, but with more ferocity than before. Blake refuses the phone, "no man you gotta look." Annoyed, you pull the phone back and look. The first picture was of Blake and a group of people, very attractive people. You feel your dick starting to grow again as you looked. "Wow, these are you frien...ds?" You hesitate as you feel your dick suddenly pressing against your pant legs. Your dick felt very warm against your leg. You could feel your dick's skin stretching and your leg hairs pulling has it continued to grow and get thicker. "Yea, check out this girl." He swipes to the next picture. You are stunned by her beauty. Her eyes, breasts, body... You also notice the guy she's standing next to. He's also incredibly attractive. You close your eyes for a bit as the absolute pleasure of your dick continuing to grow. You feel like a horse given visual stimulation to fuck a mare. "They are really attractive. Let's invite them!" "See I knew you'd like them. Ok, I'll give them a call." Blake says with a smile. But then looks concerned. "Hey, are you okay?" You open your eyes back up, "oh, yeah I'm fine. I just took my medication... makes me... sleepy at first." "Uh, ok. You gonna make it past 7 o'clock?" Blake says, jokingly, while taking his phone back. You feel a sudden rush of ultimate pleasure as your cock feels like it has a growth spurt of a full inch in a split second. "Ye-AHHHHH!" You helplessly yell as you feel the spurt. "Sorry, that's the medicine. Yes, I'll be awake." You smile an awkward smile with a mix of happiness, grin, and pleasure. Blake looks at you, confused, and starts walking away, "alright man, see you later." You quickly close the door and look down. You are stunned as you see a HUGE bulge down your pant leg. "How did Blake not see this!" You hobble over to the mirror and look at yourself. "It's huge!" You look at your long and fat bulge pressing against your pants nearly at your knee. Your dick feels like it's strangling under the pressure. You quickly pull your pants down. Like a spring, your cock flops up and slaps your stomach before bouncing back towards your leg. "It's massive!" You grab hold of your newly grown fat cock. You then notice something different. The head of your dick looks more flared out than before. A little flatter too. Even the shaft seems, different. But you don't care. You grab the pill bottle and pour our 15 more pills into your hand. "Let's see what Blake's friends will think of me with a gigantic cock." You swallow the pills. Again, almost instantly, you feel the warm surge of energy and blood flood your cock and balls. You now feel not only your dick growing but your balls too. They feel like they are filling up like water balloons. You could only imagine that sensation was cum filling up each of your balls. You look back at your dick. Now it wasn't just growing, it was actually changing shape too! You watch as the upper shaft starts to get skinner than the base. The head starts to get more flat. It all feels unreal and completely amazing. "Oh fuck, I'm actually growing a literal horse cock!" You come to realize. Confused, but also in a state of pleasure, you can't believe what is happening. "I'm so fucking massive! I'm going to be bigger...than...a...horse...ugh!" You let our a moan as your dick surges in growth. You watch in the mirror again as it grows longer and thicker while your balls grow and grow. In a sudden burst of growth, your huge horse dick grows so fast is slaps the mirror you're standing in front of and knocks it to the ground. "UGH! HOLY FUCK!" You can't help but scream out loud. Your dick is growing uncontrollably out of any normal range of animals you know of. "Fuck! I have to be bigger than 8 feet now! FUCK!" You hear knocking at your door again. "Hey man, are you ok? Sounded like something fell over?" You look at your still growing cock and now giant beach ball-sized testicles filling up space in your room. "Yea, just horsing around," you say with a smirk to yourself. "I'm fine, sorry about that." You reach for the bottle again. "I wonder if I did just a few more..." you whisper to yourself.

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