Gym Giantess

"Hey baby! At the gym trying the new supplement you bought me!" Rachel sends you a text message at the gym.

You smile, "She has no idea what she's about to happen."

After sending the text, Rachel got dressed in her workout clothes and took out a bottle of her new, "Goddess Growth" supplement that you bought for her. She read the directions, "Take 2 capsules per week for incredible goddess growth! Our formula is highly concentrated."

"2 per week? That doesn't seem right." She reread the directions again. Confused, she twisted open the bottle. "I'm going to take 4 right now, what's the worst that could happen?" She downed her supplement with some water and went out to the gym floor.

She watched the usual gym rats working out. Steroid dudes grunting and moaning and overweight men and women walking and wondering why they aren't losing weight.

Rachel walked over to the squat rack. Today was leg and booty day. She set up her squat rack so that the bar was perfect across her upper back and she did a few practice squats before adding more weight to the bar.

As she was resting between her sets, she felt a tingling in her legs and body. It felt as if she were having butterflies and was nervous about something. Her legs began to shake a little. "I am already crashing?" She thought. She drank some water and began her next set.

She walked under the bar to begin but she noticed something strange; it seemed like the bar was lower than she remembered from the last set. A little confused, Rachel lifted the bar and completed her set.

She then stood back from the squat rack and analyzed her height settings again. She knew no one messed with her settings because she never left this spot. Rachel then felt the same butterfly sensation in her legs and body. "What the hell? What is going...on!" In a quick second, she felt a sharp pain down her legs that shot from her stomach down to her feet. She suddenly lost balance and grabbed the squat rack for help. "Whoa, what the hell?"

After regaining her composure, she took a deep breath and walked back up to the bar, this time, she could easily see and feel the bar much lower than the previous set. She looked around and no one was within yards of her. "Something is wrong..."

Rachel suddenly felt the same butterfly and tingling sensation and quickly walked herself back to the changing room. She noticed things looking smaller than when she walked in. "Am I.. am I growing?"

She walked back to her locker and mirror where she took the picture for her boyfriend. She noticed the top of her head now past the top of the mirror. "It can't be..." She took another picture and compared it to her early picture. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "I AM growing!!" Feelings of fear, curiosity, and pleasure raced through her head. "The supplement! That has to be... the... answ---ER!" Mid thought Rachel had another painful, but pleasurable, shot of pain run down her legs. This time, though, she actually felt the growth of her muscles and bones in her legs and the feeling of being lifted into the air. She moaned, "Ohhh my god! This is crazy!"

The pain stopped and she looked at herself again in the mirror. She ripped off her clothes, took a picture, and sent it to her boyfriend.


In a few seconds, you respond nonchalantly, "Hello my Goddess."

Rachel looked one more time in the mirror, smiled, and replied, "I LOVE you..."

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