Growing at the Beach

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Kate and Julie wanted to get a picture before they had to leave the beach. But they wanted to show off their bodies, so a selfie wouldn't do. They asked this old, spiritual-looking, woman if she could snap a picture of them. The woman smiled and said she'd love to.

The woman told them to get close together, and then she did something with her finger and whispered. As she was holding Kate's phone, her smile widened to that of almost a clever or evil glare. Kate and Julie weren't sure why she was being so freaky. Kate looked at Julie and her jaw dropped. "Julie, you're huge!!" She exclaimed.

"Way to be an asshole in from of this nice woman, Kate," Julie, still smiling, snapped back.

"No, like you just grew 3 feet taller!" Kate explained, in a panic. The woman laughed.

"Enjoy being 9 ft tall my dear. Never ruin an old woman's day," the woman said as she handed Kate her phone back. It was then that Julie felt the difference. "What the fuck!?" Julie screamed. They turned back to the woman, but she had disappeared. "What am I going to do now!?" Julie yelled. "How can I even fit in my car?"

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