To no one's surprise, Club GRO was an immediate success. Women and men could temporarily drink special cocktails and temporarily grow body parts to enormous sizes. The key to GRO's success? Temporary growth. In fact, GRO did so well with their club that they quickly opened up a new bar, GRO Bar, which was conveniently close to where you lived.

Since the first time that you, Sara, and Cindy went to Club GRO (about a few weeks ago) you three have become very close. You've gone to the club every weekend so far and have helped inflate Sara and Cindy one cocktail at a time. So much so that you all become close with the owner, Jared. Tonight was the grand opening of GRO Bar, and Jared invited you three as special VIPs.

In your apartment, you and Cindy talk as Sara gets ready in the bathroom. "So what do you want to grow tonight, Cindy?"

"Oh stop, you know exactly what I want."

You smile, "you love getting that fat ass don't you?"

"Uh duh!" Sara says playfully from the bathroom. "We both do!"

You peak over at Sara putting on her make up. You look at her butt in her short jeans and start to imagine the possibilities of tonight. You turn to look at Cindy's as she looks out the window. She's wearing tight black leggings. "Fuck, tonight is going to be great," you think to yourself with a smile.

"You ready yet? Jesus," Cindy asks Sara.

"Yep! Let's go!"

You take a girl on each side of your arm, being the man that you are, and walk down towards the bar. There are hundreds of people already in a line that's wrapped around the building. Police cars and bouncers are controlling the streets and line of people. You look around for Jared and see him with a large pair of scissors ready to cut the ribbon for the opening. You both make eye contact and he signals for you to join him. His bouncers quickly run towards you and help you all through the crowd. People stare at you three wondering why you are getting special treatment. You can't help but feel good.

You stand with Jared and some other VIPs as he says a few words about the success of the club. You look at the crowd and are amazed by the hundreds of people cheering and praising Jared. The whole block was made up of people standing and waiting to get in. *Snip* "Welcome to GRO Bar!" Jared yells as the crowd cheers.

Jared ushers you and the other VIPs into the bar. "Before I open this to the public, I want to say a special thanks to you all," Jared starts as he walks over to the bar. He pulls out premade drinks from the fridge. "I call these drinks the "Ass-tounding Money Maker' and I specially made this for women. Come up and try it!" Cindy and Sara look at you and excitedly make a run for the bar along with the other VIP girls. They all laugh and giggle as Jared hand them their drinks.

"Cheers!" they all yell and start drinking. Cindy and Sara walk back over to you as you sit down on a couch.

"Time for some music! And then we'll start letting people in!" Jared yells.

Cindy and Sara start dancing to the music, as you watch from your seat. "Oh my God! I can already feel it!" Cindy shouts to you. You watch her ass as it starts to inflate.

"Fuck! Already?!" You shout back. You look over at Sara. She smiles back at you and she points to her butt. You look, and watch it start to grow. You can tell they are loving it.

"I want to be HUGE tonight!" Cindy yells outloud as she then chugs her drink.

Even though you've seen their asses grow before, you were always in disbelief. Almost instantly, Cindy's ass started getting bigger and bigger. She bent over and started rubbing her growing butt on Sara. "God this feels so good!" Cindy yells as he grinds on Sara. You see her leggings stretching as her ass keeps growing bigger and bigger.

You feel a touch on your arm. When you look, it's Jared with a smile as he watches Cindy. "What do you think, my friend? More instant than before," he explains.

You look back at Cindy. "How about some more of those drinks for her. She did say she wants to get HUGE tonight."

Jared taps on your shoulder. "That I can do."

You smile without taking your eyes of your two girls. Their asses kept growing and growing and growing...

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