Emily Knows Your Secret

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

"I know you can do it, Dave. I know you can make girls have bigger tits. I want you to use your powers on me," one of your business clients said, forcefully.

You have no idea how she found out about your special power. "I don't know what you mean, Ms. Stikes," you said, trying to defuse her. It didn't work.

"Call me Emily, Dave. And I want my tits to be HUGE!" At that moment, Emily tackled you to the ground and sat on you. She ripped her shirt off and pinned your hands down. You could feel her pushing her weight into your balls. "I said NOW!"

"Ok, ok!" You exclaimed in a panic. You transfixed your eyes on her breasts. "She wants huge, I'll give her huge," you thought. And like that, you witnessed her tits filling up like water balloons and her nipples getting bigger and pointier. "YESSSS," Emily moaned. "Just like that! I'm not getting off until I get bigger" She said.

"Fuck she's already at least full DD.. how big does she want to get!?" You thought as she kept your hands firmly pinned to the ground...

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