Dick Growth Ray

"It's finally here!" You yelled as you ran up the stairs with a package in-hand. After two months, your specialized growth ray had arrived.

You quickly ran into your room and locked the door. You didn't want your roommates walking in on you. You hurriedly ripped off the packaging tape, and before you was a long metallic tube, about the size of your forearm, with what looked like a camera shutter on the top end, and a power cord on the other. You were disappointed. "This looks like a crappy dildo some crackhead made," you thought angrily.

You reached into the box, pulled it out and set it on your desk. What you didn't notice was a piece of paper that fell to the ground that read, "Danger! Do not expose body parts for longer than 15 seconds to growth ray."

You thought, "Well, let's see if this dumb thing even works." You stripped off your clothes, plugged it in, and stood in front of it. "Well, here goes nothing!"

You flipped the switch on the device. The device made a gentle humming sound while the part that looked like a camera shutter started pulsing a bright green light. You focused the light on your dick. "Let's see... WHOAAA!" You screamed uncontrollably.

Your dick got instantly hard. You could feel your cock veins pulsing in sync with the pulsing growth ray. You covered your mouth. "Oh my God... how the fuck... AHHH!" You screamed in your hand and looked down.

Your cock was growing! You felt your cock's skin growing tighter. You felt the blood engorging your cock and your cock head. It was getting so heavy and so full. You could also feel your balls filling up and getting heavy with cum.

Your eyes were wide open, shocked. You stared at your massively long and girthy cock. "That was only a couple of seconds of exposure... I wonder what would happen if I kept this going for longer!"

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