Denise Milani's Photoshoot Growth

Well, this is the most famous person you are about to do a photo shoot for: Denise Milani. Her agent scheduled you to meet at a secluded beach in the area. It was going to be just you and her, like you requested. Her agent told you, to "give her the most enhancing photo shoot you ever have done." You were going to meet that expectation.

As you are setting up, you see a Hummer limo pull onto the beach. The door opened, and that when you saw Denise for the first time, in person. You were a little star-struck. And holy fuck her tits were huge....

She waved at you in the distance, and started making her way up the hill to where you were set up, as the limo drove away.

You started looking at your equipment and already programing the "enhancements." "Don't fail me now," you whispered to your equipment.

"Hey!" You heard behind you. A little startled, you turned around. "Hi!" You answered back. Denise was smiling and wearing an almost skin-tight yellow bathing suit that showed off her amazing body. Well, if it wasn't for her huge breasts, it would be skin-tight. "Are you ready for a fun shoot?" You asked. "Yes! I was told you were the best!" She said, excitedly.

"Thanks! Well let's start. Stand over there," you motion for her to stand in the distance.

"Yay! I'm excited! She said as he pounced over to her mark."

"Here we go!" You said.

The camera started chirping away as you took her pictures. She was obviously a natural. She hit pose after pose, giving you every angle you could want.

"Let's try something," You started. "Let's have you stand still while looking over your shoulder. It's my signature pose that shows off all your assets."

"Of course, you're the expert!" She giggled.

As she hit her pose, you began your "enhancement" work. You usually set your camera to +2 or +3 to give your models some nice growth, but not for her, she was special. You set your camera to +6. "Ok Denise, stay like that for a few minutes. I promise you'll like how this will turn out," you told her.

You pressed down on your camera, and instead of chirping, you camera started to hum. The "enhancement" was underway.

Denise noticed something different right away. "Hey, is this what my agent was talking about?" Denise smiled. "Oh my God, are you going to make my..." You interrupted, "Yes. You're going to get the professional enhancement treatment," you said with a smirk.

"Mmmm it feel so good. God my boobs are so warm. They are getting heavy!"

"Don't move, remember!" You reminded Denise.

"Ahh but I just want to hold them, I want to feel how much bigger they are in my hands."

"Just wait.." You calmly told her.

"Whoa! How big... ahh these have to be good enough, right? They are pulling my bathing suit up my butt crack!"

"No, not good enough yet. Stand still," you explained.

You watched as her boobs grew like water balloons. They were stretching and growing bigger than you've done with any model before. You could tell she was enjoying it.

"Ok ok, please, no more, I want to be able to see my feet, still!" She begged.

You conceded. "Ok, well let's give you some booty then, stay still."

You aimed the camera's crosshairs over her already amazing ass. "Hummmm," you pressed the camera's button again and watched the magic.

"Ohhhh wow! It's getting heavy.. I feel off balance!" Denise screamed.

"Don't worry, I'll make it a counterweight to your now massive breasts," you explained.

"Well then, you need to make my ass a LOT bigger..."

You laughed and continued to make her ass grow and grow. Her eyes closed while she moaned. "Yes, yes!" she cheered you on. "MORE!"

You stopped. Her ass was WAY bigger than when you met her. Each butt cheek was bigger than a soccer ball.

"Ok, you can move now," you told her. The first thing she did was reach down and grab her new tits. "WOW! They are so FULL and BIG." She told you. Then she reach behind and grabbed her new ass. "Wow! Sitting down is going to be a challenge.. but a very fun and comfortable challenge." You smiled, "I'm glad you like my work!"

She looked at you, with the most beautiful eyes you ever had seen. "So, my driver isn't going to be back for a little while. You want to test these out?"

Denise Milani

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