Dad Growing Huge

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

That great meaty cock started to pulse bigger and HARDER in your hands. You didn’t know WHY you took those pills day you and your daughter were home alone from her March Break from sort of didn’t believe they’d WORK! I mean..cock growth pills aren’t a THING! but as you sat on the couch, stroking you felt it fill your hand, bigger…broader! BEEFIER!

You pulled it down and towards your knees, feeling the slab of cock press and heave against your thigh! You let it snap back with a THUD that almost knocked the wind out of you! Its great big head pulsing bigger as you wondered if you should have taken the WHOLE bottle or not! It rose upwards, filling your line of sight as you were making eye contact with a fist-sized cock head!

“Oh..god I’m so BIG..” you grunted, the vein along the middle of the shaft was thicker than your thumb! it was growing…stretching HEAVING! You pulled it down again, wondering if it could reach your fucking knee!

And it did! But that wasn’t what got your attention. You stared at your daughter, her cellphone dropping from her hand shattering on the floor as she watched your meaty prick swell bigger than your inner thigh!

“OH…babygirl..daddy’s…UHnnn” you shuddered through another growth spurt! BIGGER still…legs spreading stretching apart from the force of that growing slab of cock. She seemed speechless, her horrified mouth wide open in wondered if she’d come over to you first..or if you’d GROW right across the living room floor to her before she had a chance…

(Story by Gigantic Beast)

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