D.I.C. Drops

"Ok, I'll see you at 5 tonight," Jackson texted to Laura, his new Tinder date.

Jackson scrolled through some of Laura's Tinder pictures. "Man she's so hot!" He thought to himself. He stopped at a picture of her in a red bikini. She had a beautiful hourglass figure, D cups, nice legs, and her eyes were an amazing blue. Her blonde hair was blowing in the wind as she stuck her tongue out to the camera. "I can't believe this bombshell is going to meet up with me," Jackson thought. "Well, I should probably get ready now."

Jackson walked into his apartment bathroom, stripped down and looked at himself. He had the looks, the body, but... he lacked in the manhood area. He stared at his small dick in the mirror and sighed. "I hate this dick... why didn't it ever grow!?" Jackson yelled out loud. He banged his hands on the bathroom sink in anger. "Laura is going to laugh at it like all the other girls have." He slammed his hands again on the sink in frustration as his anxiety built. "I wish there was something I could just drink and make it massive!" He slammed his hands on the counter again when he suddenly heard something fall from inside the vanity under the sink.

Puzzled, Jackson bent down and opened the vanity door. A small bottle laid on the bottom of the shelf. "What is this?" Jackson thought has he picked up the bottle. He stood up and inspected the small clear plastic bottle. "D.I.C. Drops," Jackson read outloud. He kept reading, "Place 2-4 drops under the tongue and watch your member become super hung!"

Jackson smirked and laughed. "No way. Where did this bottle even come from? Maybe the past tenants?" He placed the bottle on the vanity and turned the shower on. "Super hung?" He questioned himself. "Maybe I could give it a taste? What was there to lose?"

He walked back to the bottle and twisted it open. The rose-colored liquid inside smelled sweet. He took the lid off, and it had a dropper attached to it. He hesitated. "This could be someone's piss..." he thought. But the words, "super" and "hung" kept popping in his mind.

"Fuck it," he concluded. He squeezed the dropper head, opened his mouth, and placed 4 drops under his tongue. The liquid tasted like liquid Skittles. Jackson looked down at this dick, "Alright, let's see if this actually..." He felt tingling in his cock and balls. "...whoa! What the hell... it's actually working?"

Jackson's dick started to throb. He could feel his cock and balls getting warmer as the tingling increased. "Fuck, this actually feels really good.." He closed his eyes in pleasure. He felt his dick starting to feel heavier. He opened his eyes and he was shocked at what he was watching!

"Holy fuck! It's actually growing!" The tingling sensation grew stronger as Jackson's dick grew inch by inch. "No fucking way! I've got to be at least 9 inches by now!" But his dick wasn't done. The tingling in his huge cock was still increasing as the inches and thickness grew and grew. "Look at it! Look at this fucking beast of a cock!" He thought to himself as he watched his dick become a monster cock. His dick went from 9 inches to 10, to 11, to 12. Jackson now started to worry.

"Wait, I don't want it to be THAT big!?" He yelled as he watched his dick reach what had to be 14 inches by now! The tingling sensation abruptly stopped. Jackson stared at his enormous cock while the shower still was on in the background. "What.. the fuck.. just happened..." He whispered to himself. Confused, he grabbed his massive dick. It was so thick and long. He could barely get one hand around it now!

His phone on the vanity lit up, it was Laura messaging him from Tinder. He hobbled over to the counter adjusting to the weight of his new huge and hard boner. "Yep! I'll see you then! I can't wait :)" Laura responded.

Jackson smiled and looked back at his new horse dick. "Oh I can't wait, either," he thought to himself.

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