Club GRO

Updated: Mar 2

It was Friday night, and you just got home from a long day of work. You exhale as you flop into your couch and put your feet up on the coffee table. With a beer in hand, you turn on your TV and flip through the channels. This seemed to be your life on a Friday, now.

As you watch your favorite show, a new commercial comes on: "Hey you, yeah you sitting right there. It's a Friday night. What the BLEEP are you doing sitting there by yourself? Come on down to the hottest club in town, Club GRO." You see images of hot women and attractive men dancing under blue and red laser lights. "So what are you waiting for? Come get your friends and come on down now!"

You take a drink of your beer and take a few minutes to think about it. That commercial was pretty convincing. You also wondered about the name, Club GRO. Was it sponsored by Miracle GRO or something?

A few hours go by when you suddenly get a text from one of your coworkers, Cindy. You've known her for a few years now and have always thought she was cute. She was always fun and outgoing and you and are meshed really well. You read your phone:

Sara was your workplace crush. The fact that she was going to go completely changed your mind. You and Cindy agreed on a time, and your hurried to get ready.

-- 30 minutes later --

With the help of having two attractive women by your side, you make it past the bouncer and all three of you walk into the new club. The house music bass bumped in the background as you all looked around the packed place. It was modern, hip, and incredibly large. There were paid dancers in cages and stripper poles all throughout the place. You noticed that all of them had either a huge ass, or huge tits. "Where did they find these girls at?" Cindy yelled in your ear. You shrugged, "I'm not sure, but I like it!" You winked at Cindy.

You three make your way to the bar to get some drinks. You read the special to the girls, "BE a friend, BUTT her face, SHOLONG farewell..." you all start laughing. They both order the BUTT her face and you order just a normal beer since you weren't really into any of the specials. You all grab a high top table and watch the dance floor. You start noticing more and more girls with bigger than normal breasts and asses dancing. But you don't really think twice about it.

After a few drinks, you all get the courage to go on the dance floor. Cindy holds you and Sara's waist and presses you all forward to the floor. "Come on my friends, let's have some fun!" You make it to the floor and start dancing in a mini circle with each other. You dance a little with each girl with each song. As each song goes by, they become more and more provocative with you. Cindy started to grid her butt on your dick during one song, very playfully. You dared Sara to do the same. Without hesitation, she did the same. You laugh and encourage it more from the girls.

Just so happens, the song "Get Low" by Lil John comes on. You look at them and they both look at you, all of your smiling. They turn around and you have a perfect view of both of your asses. You look, a little confused, though. Their butts looked... bigger? "How is that possible?" You thought. You only had a few drinks, so you aren't imagining things.

Just then both Cindy and Sara start twerking their butts. You watched their ass cheeks jiggled. You then noticed something: their ass cheeks were starting to grow! As if with each twerk movement, their butt cheeks inflated like water balloons. You could see Cindy's black pants starting to completely fill out in her ass while Sara's cheeks were falling out of her shorts. You couldn't believe what you were seeing. They both turned around and saw the shocked look on your face. "What?" Sara started. "Never seen white girls twerk before?" They both stood in front of you, newly grown asses, wanting you more than ever.

"I should order them some more drinks..." you think to yourself.

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