Booty Ray Gun

You're sitting at your computer playing a video game when you hear your step-sister, Stephanie, scream with excitement in the living room. You then hear running to your room and she throws the door open. She has a huge smile on your face. "Stepbro! Guess what?" She says as she holds something behind her back. You roll your eyes, "What, Step?" "It came!" she reveals what she was hiding behind her and thrusts a gun above her head. "Oh shit! It actually came!" You know exactly what she has in her hand. You and Step were drinking one night and found a "Booty Ray Gun" online. You decided to buy it as a joke. "So how does it work?" You ask as you sit back from your desk. "I mean, I assume it's like a real gun. You just point and shoot." "Yea, but where's the ammo? I don't want to accidentally shoot you in the ass." You both examine the ray gun and learn that it takes one AA battery for each shot. "Well that's a dumb design. A whole battery each time? What a weird invention." You think to yourself. "Let's do it! Where are the batteries!?" Stephanie starts running around the room like a dog about to go for a walk. "Here I have some," you reach into your desk drawer and pull out two batteries for her. "Just two!? Well, I guess it's better than nothing." She sighs. "Ok give me!" You hand over the batteries to her and she loads the gun. "Ok, I'm ready! Give me the ass that I deserve." She hands over the gun to you. "Steph, you realize I bought this as a joke, right? This probably isn't going to work." You explain. "Oh shut it you nerd. Shoot my ass and let's see!" Stephanie stands against the wall with her little butt pointed at you. "Ok, fine." You aim and pull the trigger. To your shock, there was a visible wave of light that shot out of the barrel and landed right on Stephanie's butt cheeks. "OW!" She screams. "What the hell? That felt like I was just electrocuted. Was that the gu...n...?" Stephanie's eyes close and she begins to moan. "Mmm, I think it's working!" You watch and can't believe your eyes. You start to see the fabric of her yoga pants starting to stretch around her ass. "No way!" You yell. "Mmm yes way! I told you, you nerd. I can feel my ass getting fuller!" "Uh yeah, I can see that!" Your eyes have been glued to watching her butt get bigger and rounder. "Fuck this is turning me on," you think to yourself. "How about another battery?" You quickly load the last battery into the gun and shoot again without hesitation. "OW! What the fuck! I wasn't...rea...dy...MMMM" Her ass grows even faster now! The fabric starts making stretching noises from the amount of ass meat growing beneath it. Her butt cheeks grow and swell. Stephanie is in complete pleasure and holds her growing ass with her hands. "Holy shit! It's SO much bigger!! And it's still growing!! I'm going to be the hottest ass at work!" She giggles as she plays with her swollen butt cheeks. She looks at you, "Maybe if you find some more batteries, I'll let you play with it for a while..." she says with a wink.

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