Booty Juice

Erika was the freshman nerd. The only thing she had going for her was her skinny body. But along with that, she had an average chest and smaller than average butt; "pancake butt" was what the guys around campus called her. She wanted to change that.

One afternoon Erika decided to check in with her guy friend, Rich. Throughout her freshman semester, Rich and Erika completely meshed and became instant friends. She walked down the hall to Rich's door and knocked.

"Hey Rich, you jerking off!?" She yelled through the door. There was no answer, which was weird. She gently pushed down on the door handle and the door opened. She slowly cracked the door. "Rich? You in there?" Still no answer. She let herself in and closed the door behind her.

Rich wasn't like other guys on campus. He was a clean dude who always kept his room tidy. And, just like his name, he was rich. He was the only person in the dormitory who could afford a room to himself. Erika liked that he wasn't the braggy-rich type, though.

Erika scanned the room and saw Rich's laptop open. "Rich?" She yelled one more time. Finally he answered from the bathroom.

"Hello? Erika is that you?"

"Hey buttface, yep it's me!"

"Jesus, you scared me, Flat Ass. Hold on a second, I'm just getting out of the shower."

"Alright, I'll hang out. You know, something your dick can't do." Erika teased.

"Oh shut up." He moaned.

Erika made her way to the laptop and lifted it open to check something. She was completely shocked at what was displayed on his computer. Her jaw dropped as she saw an animated gif of 3 girls on a boat in stretched out blue Victoria Secret bikinis with their huge white asses twerking for the camera. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. The giggling, the perfect shape, the amount of ass...


She was so mesmerized with the gif that she didn't even hear Rich come back in the room. "I wanted to see... fuck Rich, I didn't expect to see this!" She trembled as her finger pointed at the huge ass animation. Now all clothed, Rich ran over to his desk and slammed the laptop close. He looked at her, visibly embarrassed.

"Why did you... listen next time... urgh I don't know what to say. You caught me." Rich said as his head slumped and he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "I didn't think anyone would know I shoot that type of photography."

Even more stunned, Erika pointed at the closed laptop. "Wait, wait, wait... You... Do you know those girls? You saw them in person!?"

Still embarrassed, Rich answered. "Yea, I mean kinda. They saw my other work and wanted me to help them."

"Help them what? Shake their asses?" She asked, still stunned and very interested in Rich's hidden hobby.

"No, I..." He looked at her seriously. "Listen, you can't tell ANYONE. Ok? Promise me, Erika."

Curiosity took over and playfully, she asked, "What are you going to tell me? You fucked them all?"

"No, but you have to promise!"

"Ok, ok. I promise, Rich. Tell me"

Rich opened up his laptop, minimized the huge ass girl gif, made a few clicks and brought the laptop over to Erika without saying a word.

She looked at the image of what looked like some average girls in bikinis. "What you fucked them instead?"

"Look closer."

Erika looked. She recognized the blue Victoria Secret bikinis. Her eyes squinted. "Wait, these aren't the same girls... Where are their butts?" She looked up to Rich who was now holding a vial and was looking at her. Erika jumped back.

"Those are the same girls. I gave them their asses. Look." He brings the vial closer. It was a cherry red liquid inside and looked like it was for injections. She read the label with what she recognized as Rich's elegant handwriting. It read, "Booty Juice."

Flustered and confused, she looked back up at him. "You are shitting me. Are you fucking serious? You? I mean I know you're in the honor chemistry program, but... booty juice?"

"Why would I lie to you, Erika? You know me."

That was true. Ever since they first met, Rich has always been a man of his word which is why she felt comfortable with him. Her eyes widened. She clicked on the animated gif again. "So you, you did THAT?" She looked at Rich as the bouncing asses were still visible in her peripheral vision.

Rich looked her in the eye. "Yes. With my Booty Juice." Rich watched Erika as he could see her making calculations in her head.

"I want that," Erika said, simply. "I want my 'flat ass', as you are so keen to remind me of, to be a moneymaker ass."

Rich laughed, "a 'moneymaker ass'? That's a good -" *Snap*

Erika had taken a picture of Rich holding his secret concoction. "Listen, Rich. I will post this picture on my 10 different social media accounts if you think I'm kidding. You know me, I have a huge following everywhere."

"Erika, are you fuckin seri - "

"Rich, rule number one. Don't talk without being asked. Now listen. I need that injection. I want you to make my ass huge like those girls. Got it?"

"Erika, I mean come on. This is still in the experimental phases. I need to document -"

"I'm your experiment, Rich. Make me huge, Rich." Erika demanded, her phone still in hand.

Rich looked at her phone. "Erika put the phone down. I'll run the experiment on you but I need to know you'll delete that picture when we're done."

"Yes, I promise. I just want an ass like them."

"Ok, well...let's do it."

"Oh my God! Thank you, Rich!" She screamed, excitedly.

"I mean, you blackmailed me but I get it. Also, we need to keep this on the down-low. Only you and I can talk about this ok?"

"Of course!"

Rich reached into his drawer and pulled out a new syringe. "Turn around and pull your pants down," he said with his back turned as he filled up the syringe.

Without hesitation, she stood up and pulled her pants completely off. "I want the full dose," she demanded.

"Trust me, you're going to get it." He turned around and saw Erika's average naked ass for the first time. "Maybe a little more won't hurt," he whispered to himself as he increased the syringe dosage.

--- 1 hour later, back in Erika's room ---

With her but cheeks a little sore, she laid on her stomach when she felt a sudden spasm in her legs, ass, and thighs. She started to get a little warm too. "Oh shit! Is it finally happening!" She thought to herself. "I can't wai- URGH." She felt a sharp sudden pain from her ass checks where Rich injected the Booty Juice.

She instinctively grabbed her butt. "Ow! I didn't think this was going to hurt...WHOA!" Just then, as if someone turned on a water faucet, she could feel her butt cheeks start to expand in her hands as if they were water balloons. "Oh my GOD! YES!" She yelled with pleasure. "This is what I'm talking about!" She could feel her ass expanding and growing more and more. Her jeans became tighter and tighter as she could feel her thighs expanding. She felt herself get wet. "Oh fuck, this is AMAZING! I gotta show Rich."

She hopped out of bed, unbalanced from her new huge ass weight. After balancing herself out, she took a selfie of her self with a text, "Rich, you genius! You gotta make more of this stuff!"

Elsewhere on campus, Rich read her text and smiled. He texted back, "Oh there's a LOT more where that came from." He turned back to his chemistry set.

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