Birthday Wish Growth

"Happy birthday to you!!!" Your family finished singing as you watched the candles flicker on your chocolate cake. You just turned 18, you're finally an adult! "Make a wish!" Your older sister playfully yells in the background.

You think to yourself, "what do I want? Money? A new car? Maybe a bombshell girlfriend?" You ponder some more as you watch the fire eating away at the wax on the candles.

"Well? Come on, Bryce!" Frank, your stepdad, impatiently yells.

"What a dick..." You think. "Wait, that's it!" You pucker your lips together and get ready to blow the candles. "I wish for a HUGE dick," you think as you blow out all the candles in one blow.

Your family claps and cheers, "YAY!" You smile as you look up at them. Everyone is happy except Frank, who seems to be more interested in the football game on TV than celebrating with you.

Frank was introduced to your family about a year ago after your father left the family one night and never returned. You never really care for Frank, and he never cared for you. He looked and acted like a steroid gym freak. His arms were as big as his temper and he was incredibly cocky. He owned a giant truck and he loved revving his engine at stoplights to get people to notice him. You always thought he was overcompensating for something.

After eating your cake and a few hours of visiting, everyone decides it's time to head to bed. You say goodnight to everyone, except Frank who is still watching TV, and head to your room. You lay down on your bed and think, "Wow! I'm officially an adult!" You start to wonder what adult things you can do and your mind wanders towards sexual fantasies. You decide to jerk off.

You close your door, pull your pants down, sit in front of your computer, and open up your favorite website, You start looking at some pictures and feel your dick starting to get hard. You reach down and grab it, but are confused with what your hand grabs. You thought you grabbed your dick, but what your hand was holding was thicker than normal.

You look down in confusion, "What the fuck?" Your dick's girth looks like it was starting to swell up as if you had a massive bug bite on the base of your dick. You twist your dick around trying to look for some kind of bite, but you don't see anything. You second guess if you've, "has it always been this thick?"

You look back at the computer screen and start to jerk off. You feel the familiar sensation of warm blood rushing into your cock, but something felt different. Your hand was holding way more cock than you remember. You look back down and are amazed. "No way! What the hell?"

Your dick's girth and length were expanding bigger and bigger! You watch as it grows inside your hand, pushing your fingers apart. Your expanding warm dick forces your grip to expand. "No way!? Wait... my birthday wish...?" You realize.

Your cock isn't done growing. You feel a surge of blood flow into your cock as it violently expands and grows longer. "UGH!" You moan out loud as you feel your dick's skin stretch. "Fuck this feels so good..." You moan to yourself. You look down and realize how big you've gotten. You had to be over 12 inches and wasn't fully hard yet!

Just then, you hear a loud banging on your door which causes you to drop your dick. "Bryce?" Frank yells. "Are you jerking off? You need to be quiet."

"Fuck you, Frank!" You answer back, pissed that he was ruining this moment for you.

The doorhandle juggles and you realize you forgot to lock your door. You scramble to try and find something to hide your dick, but it's too late. Frank flings open the door and is extremely pissed. "Listen here you little shit..." He suddenly stops in his tracks, looking at you and your hung monster cock resting on your leg. His jaw drops and his eyes get huge. He stumbles, "Listen... you... err... uh..." Frank shakes his head as if he was getting himself out of a trance, looks down at the floor, then quietly shuts the door.

"Whoa, what the hell just happened?" You ask yourself. "Did I just become the alpha male of the family?" You look down at your huge fat cock and smile. "I didn't realize a birthday wish could be so powerful!" You smile as you grab hold of your new monster dick. "I'm going to have so much fun with this!"

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