Beach Goddess

It was the annual girl's weekend at the beach. Jennifer invited her friend Mandy who was already known by the group as the "busty one."

"You're seriously going to wear that?" Asked Jennifer as she stared at Mandy's huge boobs in her pink bikini.

"Of course! I wanna show off for the boys!" Jennifer responded as she grabbed her boobs and squeezed them.

Smirking, Jennifer asked, "How did they even get so big?"

"Wouldn't you like to know..." Mandy sarcastically answered.

Later at the beach, all the girls met up. They shared a few laughs and drinks when someone brought up the same question to Mandy, "Hey Mandy, did you get breast implants or something?"

Mandy, rolling her eyes, "how about I just show you. Here let's all stand together." She signaled for the group to come closer together and they did.

Mandy closed her eyes, "now watch." Confused, the rest of the girls watched Mandy.

In a few moments, they couldn't believe what they were witnessing. One of the girls looked at her friend and whispered, "did....did her tits just get bigger!?"

The other girl, shocked, responded, "are you not seeing her get taller!?"

The girls watched as Many's bust got bigger and bigger, as she also became taller and taller. Mandy moaned, "see what's happening guys?"

The girls broke out in awkward but excited laughter, "What the fuck! Are you serious?"

"Look how tall you're getting, Mandy!"

"Wow look at her tits!"

Mandy stopped her powers and laughed. "I told you all that I was a goddess!"

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