Alena and the Mysterious Stranger

Alena is known as a world famous porn star and webcam model. Her spunky personality along with her confidence makes her exceptionally attractive. Add her amazing figure and huge tits, well, it was easy to see why she is so famous.

But, Alena always wondered what having bigger boobs would feel like. One day, she tweeted out, "Hey guys, does anyone know of a natural remedy to make my tits bigger?"

A few days flew by with some obviously dumb responses. But one day, she receives a DM from a user named DreamsCumTrue. It read, "I saw your post. I have what you need. Come meet me by the Tree of Seeds. Tonight is where your dreams will come true."

"What in the fuck does that mean?" Alena thought to herself. Then she remembers an outdoor porn scene she once shot near a tree. "I wonder if that's what this guy meant?" She thought.

Alena took her best friend, Kelsey, with her to meet the mysterious stranger. They arrived at the Tree. It was dark outside with only streetlights helping illuminate the tree. "Fuck it's so cold," Alena told Kelsey.

Looking at Alena's nipples poking through her shirt, "Uh yeah, you nips look like daggers," Kelsey replied.

Just then, a tall and large figure in a robe appeared around the corner. He walked up to both of the women. Alena could see he was wearing a black leather mask, with black clothing and a robe.

"I am happy you have come," said the stranger. "I have made this just for you." The stranger took a mason jar out from his robe and handed it over to Alena.

Nervous, she examined the jar. It was half full of what looked like cum. "Are you kidding me?" Screamed Alena angrily. "You made me come all the way out here just for some of your cum in a jar?"

The stranger laughed a deep and hollow laugh. "That is not what you think it is. It is a potion, one that will fulfill your dreams."

More confused than angry, Alena looked back down at the jar. "I mean, I do enjoy cum," she thought to herself.

"So, you're saying all I need to do is drink this white liquid?" Alena asked a mysterious looking hulk-like man.

"Yes, that is all," the man replied in a dark voice behind his black mask.

Alena turned to Kelsey and asked, "what do you think? Should I?" Kelsey shrugged her shoulders. Alena turned back to ask the man another question, "So, what.... huh?"

The man vanished. It was just the two women standing in the darkness. "Fuck, this is creepy as shit, let's go home," Alena said nervously.

When the two got home, Alena looked at the jar again. "Ok, I'm going to do it!" She said excitedly. Kelsey looked at her, "are you sure? That's pretty bold of you to drink some rando's stuff."

Alena grinned, "I want bigger tits. I also love cum. So, I see this as a win-win for me!" She unscrewed the top. The mixture smelled of strawberries and pineapple. "Alright, here it goes!" She poured the thick mixture down her mouth leaving nothing to spare.

"So, anything!?" Alena asked Kelsey. Alena lifted her shirt and they both examined her breasts. "Nope," Kelsey responded. "You just got conned." Kelsey laughed.

Disappointed, Alena and Kelsey decided to go to bed.

The next morning, Alena felt her chest was getting hot. "Fuck! Kelsey, can you see if something bit me last night?" Kelsey opened her eyes and turned over to Alena. "Whoa... uh, your tits look a little swollen Alena..." Kelsey said, startled.

Alena jumped up from the bed and looked in the mirror. "HOLY FUCK! They grew!!" She looked at Kelsey. "The GREW Kelsey!" Kelsey stared in shock. "Wait... the cum drink... it... it worked?" Kelsey asked stuttering.

Alena grabbed her giant tits. "I mean it had to... LOOK AT THEM! They are SO heavy..." Alena was smiling from ear to ear. "I can't wait to show the boys on cam..."

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