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What are your wishes?

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like if you only had a magic wish? What if you could see your body in a different way... maybe you'd like to see how you'd look with bigger breasts, bigger muscles, a bigger bulge, or maybe even skinnier or taller.

I have the morphing skill-set to make most wishes a reality with the magic of Photoshop.

Recent Morphs

Who Am I?

My name is Tim, and I have a background in graphic design and Photoshop. After browsing some sites and seeing some poorly manipulated adult photos, I thought, "why not use my skills for some fun?"

After a few commissions, I realized I really enjoy helping people fulfill their fantasies by means of morphing.

I have done over 200 morphs so far! Some of the most common morphs are:

  • Breast expansion

  • Butt expansion

  • Height Growth/ Shrink

  • Penis expansion

All my morphs are kept private, unless you tell me you'd like to be included in the Morph Gallery. Discretion is extremely important to me.

If you're interested in getting a picture morphed, simply visit my Get Morphed page to get started.